Should Schools Offer Cash Bonuses for Good Test Scores

Should Schools Offer Cash Bonuses for Good Test Scores?

In earlier century, there was system called barter system, where the people instead of giving money to purchase any good or services exchanged directly the good or services. The idea of the distributing cash for high test score brings in the nostalgic feeling of reading about the barter system, with only difference that here money is involved. But factually the knowledge cannot be traded. So the schools should never encourage the practice of offering cash for good test scores.

The reasons that schools should not offer cash bonuses for good test score

Ø  The students who are awarded with cash bonuses get the habit of it. There focus changes from the understanding of the concept to just memorize the concepts so that they are able to score well in test; reason the cash rewards. The knowledge gain by just memorizing lasts only for a day or two but in long runs the understanding of the concept is what that matters. The students must be self motivated to perform well .They know at the end all this will result into a good career which will give them all the monetary gains. The immediate benefit will spoil them.

Ø  The amount which will be given to the student as the cash bonus will lead to increase in the taxes. As the amount given to the students will be ultimately paid by the people of the nation. This will lead to dissatisfaction among many tax payers.

Ø  The student life is phase in life where what matters is the small happiness which money can't buy; exposing them to this weird practice will expose them to the corporate culture where everything done is for money. The students should not be made familiar with this corporate culture at young age.

Ø  If students will be offered cash bonuses for scoring good test result, gradually they will start demanding the cash for any other good thing done by them. They would ask for money from their parents also which will make the situation tough for parents

Ø  It is regularly debated about the conducting of many standardized tests in schools. If the schools will offer cash prize, the students will only focus on the tests and will try to perform well at any cost. The ultimate aim to provide the balance education will be failed.

Ø  The students when rewarded cash for performance will get the habit of it. As a result gradually they will not study but will just find the ways to get the good score by hook or by crook to get the bonus. The students may also form a group and help a member of their group to score well so that they can divide the bonus received by him or her.


The students can be encouraged in many other ways so that they study hard for test.

  • The practice of giving cash bonuses for good test score should be amended. The students who score well can be compensated like making him or her star of the week or day and displaying his photo on the school's website.
  • The students who score well on particular test may be given the benefit of no homework day so that he or she may feel good about studying hard.
  • The students may be awarded with anything batch or a small gift rather than giving cash.
  • The students who score exceptionally well and need support can be given scholarship after consulting with the school authorities and parents.



During the early childhood days, it is a common habit of many parents to bribe their toddlers or kids;"If you will not cry, I will buy you a chocolate". The study has revealed that the children who are bribed tend to follow the wrong ways to achieve a thing when they are unable to get it. The bribing of a child exposes him or her to the bad habit, so that they relate everything with price or a gift. It is said that to teach right habit to kids they must be explained with good and bad consequences of their doings. It may happen that they may not listen once or twice but it is for surely that they will understand it and follow it for the lifetime. It is for the reason b that it is not done it for any gain but has understood the reason for doing it. Similarly if the students are explained the benefits of scoring well, studying well they will study with a good reason rather for short term gain. It should be always remembered that a student who is studying only for cash prize will never get benefited from the education.

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