Realize true meaning of success in life after facing failure

Failure is the most significant tool in education, as failure is motivator. It impels everyone to work harder to attain success. Without Failure it is hard for anyone to understand accurate meaning of success. The satisfaction of succeeding can only be attained when someone goes through failure.

Education is a very important source to the good future. The significance of education is stressed by imposing the fear of failure onto students. Failure again becomes the very significant tool in education here. If results of failing are not imposed on students, they will not walk additional mile to attain better grades.

In today’s community failure has become something to dread, avoid, and so prevent at all costs. Whether it is being without job compensation, farm subsidies, or rescues for failing companies, the world appears to view failure as having no saving social value. If success is all good and failure is all bad, then it appears as though we must do everything we can to cure or prevent failure.

Without rejecting the value of determination, and identifying that slogan “never give up” can be useful in conquering definite obstacles, we should remember that failure can act as the guide to more valuable activities. For instance, in 1921 Walt Disney started the company called Laugh-O-Gram Corporation, which went destroy two years later. If the friend of Disney or government had not allowed him fail and move on, he might never have turn into the Walt Disney we know today.

More significant than this individual learning process is the unique role failure plays in social learning process of competitive market. When we decline to permit failure to occur, or we cushion its blow, we ultimately harm not only the person who failed but also all of society by denying ourselves a key way to learn how best to assign resources. Lacking failure there is no economic development or enhanced human well-being.

Failure, just like any other feature in life has the negative and positive value. Failure encourages people to work harder; it drives one to their breaking point. People whom cross breaking point are the ones whom do well, therefore they benefit from influence of failure. That is a good thing; though there are people whom break at this point expressively and this is where negative side of failure kicks in. Particularly in education it is a significant feature, but sometimes in its place of encouraging the student, it disheartens student and sometimes even drives the student to the point where he/she believes that facing death is simpler than facing failure.

There are several cases of suicides because of academic failure around the world. This shows that the same failure which has power to make one do well also has power to kill. Life is what you make of it, but education.

Athletes, though, are more capable to tackle failure than schoolchildren studying for exams in high-pressure environment of required education. This is maybe in part because of the huge commitment world class athletes require to stay at top of their game, but is also down to work performed by sports psychologists, who played the significant role in success of British athletes. Difference is that top athletes are frequently as familiar with their mental conditions as they are with their physical abilities.

To paraphrase using parenting language, first category is “avoidable failure in known circumstances.” In these cases, child knew what was expected to be successful but didn’t do what was expected or needed. Typical examples comprise failing to finish school assignments on time, failing to study for tests and failing to complete everyday jobs, like caring for pets. As parents, we must not suppose, particularly with younger children or bringing in children to novel conditions, that failure is because of wilful bad behaviour on part of the child. First, we must ensure that children understand events, like how to create effectively for test. Second, we must make sure those prospects are clear — that pets are to be nourished twice a day. Range of tools can assist our children avoid such types of failures, comprising the use of task checklists, calendars and to-do lists.

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