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Virtual-reality could appear as next social and communications platform, the technology will go beyond its present boundaries of gaming to make great influence in areas like architecture, automobiles, marketing and education. Finding enormous future in 3D virtual-reality, Facebook is to obtain Oculus VR, producers of virtual reality headset Oculus Rift for the whopping $2 billion. On event where virtual reality is making headlines around world.

Education is one more area which has approved virtual reality for teaching and learning circumstances. Advantage of this is that it allows large groups of students to interrelate with each other as well as in a three dimensional environment.

It is capable to present complex data in the accessible way to students that is both fun and easy to learn. In addition these students can interact with objects in that environment to discover more about them. Virtual worlds assure to deliver the best features of both real-world classrooms and online distance learning into the single platform. With tools which give avatars which represent educators and students, voice and video capabilities, PowerPoint and other collaborative whiteboard technologies. Know about five tech companies which are working on 3D virtual reality as compiled by Mashable.

Sony’s ‘Project Morpheus’

Sony newly revealed its immersive virtual reality device for its Playstation 3. Codenamed ‘Project Morpheus’, device makes occurrence by sight, sound, tracking and much more. Sony has worked for more than three years on virtual experience device. Device characteristics the head mounted 1080p display, with the 90 degree viewing angle. An accelerometer and gyroscope sensor are assembled into it and has Playstation camera that tracks head orientation and its movements, that means virtual display turns along with head in real time. It also has 3D sound technology that has stereoscopic sounds to give real time effects when head moves. It also works with DUAL SHOCK 4 wireless controllers and Playstation Move.

1389_Microsoft Kinect.jpg

Microsoft Kinect

The Kinect was device which had both the worlds together, virtual and augmented reality . The virtual one was revealed on monitor or on the wall by Kinect may not on balance with Oculus Rift, but it is pretty splendid.

For the augmented reality, Microsoft researchers have developed the concept that uses virtual simulator reactions based on physical world. It has the sensor called Kinect Fusion, that makes the projections of objects react differently. Device which connects Kinect sensor and projector called Beamatron is connected to the rotary head on ceiling and it scans and maps whole place.

It has practical motion sensors and projects image anywhere in room. Even if it bumps into obstacles in room image is never deformed. It also displays virtual objects interacting in physical objects like never before and projector can sense what is occurring in room and shows changes in seconds.


‘CastAR’ the low-priced augmented reality glasses made by former Value developers, Jeri Ellsworth, chip engineering wizard and game programmer Rick Johnson by developing a startup called  Technical Illusions. Company got the vast acceptance and has raised $1 million in funding on Kickstarter in November.

Glasses can project the 3D holographic images in front of you and  you can get to see virtual image over the real one, or get to feel yourself to be in the gaming world. It works on glass surfaces too and reflects the layer called “retro reflective”. Company plans to give glasses to its supporters at Kickstarter.

Canon’s MREAL

Popular camera maker’s improved reality system Mixed Reality allows you reside into computer generated creations before really seeing them in reality. Virtual reality headset places camera in front of wearer’s eyes, records person’s surrounding with computer generated graphics. Then it shows image on small screens to develop high impact 3D images.

Google Glass

Google Glass is the device that shows information like the Smartphone right in front of your eyes through coin sized heads-up display (HUD).

The device can take images, videos and can be connected to internet round clock.

It may not be the true virtual-reality device, but idea behind fact of wearing the pair of revolutionary frames powered by the augmented-reality application can fit bill.

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