Project Management–A booming field in aspect of career

What is project management? First we are required to define what projects are, what are its objective and scope. Precisely, A PROJECT is a short-term endeavor to create the unique product or the service for your customer. A project, in the practical terms, is an assignment or an undertaking to create a deliverable which satisfies the mission of the project customers.


For any of the project to be successful you are required to understand what the project is supposed to achieve actually. To achieve the desired outcome from the project, you should define what are the things (services or the products) are to be delivered by the end of project.

The Project Management is the methodical approach of planning and guiding the project processes from beginning to end. Or we can say that, A project is the temporary effort to create a unique product or the service. Projects commonly include constraints and risks regarding cost, schedule or the performance outcome.

In the best practices of Project Management, project manager should consider following steps: —

  • Define the objectives and scope of it
  • Clear Define: Outcome from project
  • The Tracking and Reporting of the project progress
  • Should be ready for change if any in project development life cycle
  • Consider the Risk Management
  • A Project Manager should posses the following skills and qualities to perform better in this field.
  • The excellent Communication and Presentation skills are required
  • Planning skills are required
  • Leading skills should be present
  • Controlling skills should be there  

In order for project to be successful, project management process play a very significant role during the project development life cycle. The most important fact is that the project should remain an equilateral triangle.

Always keep in mind that the time, quality, cost, triangle isn’t just a project management principle, it’s the career management tool at the same. To make the quality products or services, you should focus on the Time and effort/cost, then you can say that the project is deliver successfully on the given time. As we know that, the Project Management is not rocket science. By applying best practices on your project you cannot guarantee you that your project comes in the budget, on time and also exceeds all expectations of the clients or the stakeholders, but applying them will definitely provide you a much better chance of delivering your project successfully on or before the time.

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