Personalize yourself by learning foreign (Second) language

Language is a medium that lets you communicated with other people. Every nation has its own language that is spoken most of the people within the region or country. English serves as a common language connecting the people across the world. English language too has different flavours as per place it is spoken. This has made every person to learn, speak and write English. Learning other language than the native language or English is not necessary however it boost your confidence and obviously learning something new will make you and your brain more prone to active thinking. It make you connect to the world oversees.

Moreover, it will make out your resume more interesting, today every job related to I.T or any other field too is preferring their employees to have known to at least two other foreign language.

Every school has incorporated other language with the curriculum of students observing its benefits. Other than English, French, Germany or Japanese are preferred as secondary language.


Most of the world’s population today is observed as bilingual or multilingual than monolingual.  Other than facilitating the cross-cultural communication, this has positively affected the cognitive abilities. Researchers through many researches have revealed that the bilingual brain may have better attention and task-switching capacities in comparison to the monolingual brain. Moreover, bilingualism has positive effects at both ends of age spectrum: Bilingual children as young are able to better adjust to the environmental changes, whereas the bilingual seniors generally experience less cognitive decline.

Learning more languages has technical benefit to the individual, experimented as per the research:

1) Improvement of brain:

Already explained previously, language centres within the brain actually grow as a result of the successful language learning. As it is said the better you learn, the more vital areas of the brain improves and hence, makes you smarter.

2) Improves the listening skills:

Learning second language makes you familiar with different words and its accent, thus it will make you understand other language, it will make you able to distinguish different types of the sounds in two or more languages. After learning second language you will become more familiar with other language.

3) Become more language sensitive:

Infants who are bilingual can distinguish between the languages they have never even heard before. Just being exposed to the several sounds in, such as, Spanish and Catalan, will helps them tell difference between the English and the French.

4) Boost your memory:

It has been researched that children with the bilingual environment have stronger working memories as compared to those brought up with only one language. This state that they are better at the mental calculation, reading and many other vital skills.

5) Improved multi-tasking:

Bilingual people are able to switch between one task to other more rapidly. They show more cognitive flexibility and find it easier to adapt to the unexpected circumstances.

6) You become more perceptive:

A study has revealed that the multilingual people are much better at observing their surroundings. They become more adroit at focusing on relevant information and editing out the irrelevant. They are also better at spotting the misleading information.

7) Make you explore other cultures:

Language learning will make you explore other cultures; it will make you familiar with different cultures around the globe and also seeing your own culture with different perspective.

8) New ways of observing:

Learning a new language will literally modify the manner you perceive the world. For example, learning Japanese, which has basic terms for light and dark blue, will let you notice the colour in various ways.

9) Develop your first language:

As learning a second or different language draws your attention to abstract rules and structure of the language, it will make you better at your first language.

10) It will improve your English:

Educating a foreign language draws your focus to the mechanics of the language: conjugations, grammar, and sentence structure. It will make you more aware of the language, and the manner it can be structured and manipulated. These skills will make you a more proficient communicator and also a sharper writer and editor.

Referring to these, lot many benefits of learning foreign language, tutors should encourage their students to try their hands in this. Sherlock Holmes is known to have one of among the greatest mind, he knows more than 7 languages.

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