New amazing innovation to Control and prevent diabetes via Google contact lens

In today’s world people are more conscious about their health. They keep on worrying about their fitness.  But as our present life is very busy we do not have time for monthly check-up, for exercise etc. Most common disease of which people are is diabetes. Diabetes has an effect on roughly 400 million people worldwide.

Google has disclosed its next product: Smart contact lenses. First smart contact lens, meant at diabetics, takes the glucose level reading every second from tears which wash over your eye when you flicker, and sends out that data wirelessly to the nearby device. Google does not say what device, but most probably a smart-phone or Google Glass.

Presently, if you are suffering from diabetes, you usually have to carry out finger-stick blood tests throughout day. At best this is inconvenient, at worst it’s disruptive and painful but either way, if you wish to securely manage your blood sugar levels, it should be done. There are ways of dependably testing blood sugar levels, like your tears but, as you can picture, collecting tears is no easier than piercing your finger.

A team of Google with researchers at University of Washington to make contact lens which can determine blood glucose levels in person’s tears and exhibit reading on their mobile phone. If this project is successful, people suffering from diabetes may be able to discontinue drawing blood to compute their sugar levels.

Diabetes affects nearly 400m people worldwide. If it is not treated, it can consequence in, cardiovascular disease, blindness, nerve damage and, confiscation of toes or feet. People with disease should keep regular tabs on amount of glucose in their blood for many these often means doing daily blood tests themselves. A 2011 report projected that global blood glucose test strips and meters market will reach US$21.5 billion by 2017.

If the glucose level dips or spikes, warning can be broadcasted instantly to nearby display with the help of Google’s smart contact lens. Devices like your Smartphone, smart watch, or head-mounted display (Google Glass). Future versions of smart lens might even have built-in LED which lights up if the glucose level crosses above or below the given threshold. This is clearly much easier and convenient than regularly sticking your finger. According to the Google, glucose-sensing contact lens will work similar to the electronic ID card utilized to increase access to the building. Similar to card, lens does not have its own power supply. In its place circular antenna in contact lens chooses radio waves from the mobile to give it with sufficient power to compute glucose.

Technology in Google’s glucose lenses goes fine beyond electronics as it comprises of enzymes and electrodes built into materials utilized to create regular contact lenses. This advances made in  electronics, biochemistry and material sciences in past decades.


Technology in Google’s smart contact lens is not that complicated. There is on the whole only two components, inserted between 2 layers of contact lens material: one is antenna and rectifier, and a small glucose sensor. Problem with smart contact lenses, although, is power source. Wireless power transports from close by power source. As of the tiny antenna, power source probably has to be very close. Google Glass would work although, at this point in its development, we are most likely not talking about anything nearly as graceful. It is probably only stationary lab test.

Google has most excellent person in world when it comes to smart contact lenses Babak Parviz. In 2011, Parviz made wireless smart contact lens with the one-pixel LED display. Google was clearly impressed with his work and selected him up. Smart contact lenses, due to rather exclusive placement they are able to see world, and display information to wearer.

Now there is no need to be afraid of diabetes, due to this technology we can easily control or prevent this disease and now there will be no pain in checking glucose level as from now as we don't have to prick our fingers.

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