Most creative mind’s innovations that revolutionized the entire world

Innovations are the creations of creative mind, idea of innovations arises when there is a need of something, and thus whenever there is an innovation it satisfies one or several needs.

Innovations are predominant for the success of any organisation as it keeps driving the organisation progress.


People who conduct any kind of innovation are generally a package of common place with brilliant minds. Success of innovation is never predicted, it fails many times. Every innovation has work of great minds done previously, it is not created in a single room rather it is the invention developed gradually with the passage of ages.

The most significant and most useful innovations that are taken for granted today are as:


This invention is negligible in comparison to the big engines, electronic inventions that are filling our lives today. It is a simple tool, this tool is used to furrow the soil, churning it up in order to expose nutrients and prepare it for planning. It is the one invention that made other’s possible. It is not invented by someone who was famous, but it could have been development of a mind who must be engaged in farming activities. It must have made their work easier and faster. Further, many improvements have been done in its design that has made farming more efficient and productive.


Biggest innovation that has made to run automobiles today, it is so ancient that we do not have name of the person who has developed it. It has been supposed that wheel was developed for facilitating the transport of heavy substances. The oldest wheel and axle mechanism was discovered near Ljubljana, Slovenia, and dates to roughly 3100 B.C.

1841_Crew With A Loaded Sled.jpg

Wheel has made the transportation of goods much faster and more efficient, particularly when they are affixed to the horse-drawn chariots and carts. But, if it had been used only for transportation, the wheel wouldn't have been as much of a world-changer as it was. Like cranks and the pulleys require wheels to make it work. Modern technologies depends upon the wheel, such as electric motors, centrifuges that are used in the chemistry and medical research, and jet engines, combustion engines, power plants and countless others.

Printing press:

Johann Gutenberg in the 1430s was the person who has developed printing press.  He improved upon the pre-existing technologies and made them more useful and more efficient enough to become popular.

1235_printing press.jpg

Printing press enabled large amount of the information to be recorded and spread across the world. Previously, books were the only items extremely rich people could afford. The printing press is perhaps responsible for several other inventions, however in a more subtle way than the wheel. The distribution of knowledge it developed gave billions of people the education they required to create their own inventions in centuries then.


Its invention cannot be adhered to the creation of single person since the concept was globally known and was improved gradually over the course of around 200 years. Some give credit to the Oliver Evans' 1805 design the vapor-compression unit, others point to Carl von Linde's 1876 design as the real precursor of modern refrigerator. Dozens of inventors, including Albert Einstein, had refined and improve the refrigerator designs over the decades.

It keeps the food cold for longer periods of time. This invention had drastically modified the food production industry and also the eating habits of people across the world. Now, easy access to fresh meats and dairy products is possible even in the hottest summer months.

Telephone Communication:

It is invented by Alexander Graham Bell. The importance of invention is known to all of us. The same concept of transmitting the signals wirelessly using the electromagnetic waves was used by many inventors then such as Marconi and Nikola Tesla. This invention of transmitting the sound wirelessly was further perfected by the engineers gradually for transmission of images leading to the development of television and radio.

Steam Engine:

Concept of utilizing the steam to power the machines had been around for thousands of years ago, though Thomas Newcomen's creation in 1712 was the first one to harness that power for the useful work. In the year 1769, James Watt changed a Newcomen engine through the addition of separate condenser that vastly improves power of the steam engine.

This steam engine has been replaced by the electric and internal combustion engines for the purpose of transport and factory power, they are still incredibly imperative. The steam engine had mobilized the industry.


The automobile has mobilized the people around the world. This was one of the finest inventions. Karl Benz's 1885 Motorwagen, powered by an internal combustion engine of his own design, is the first automobile globally. Henry Ford has further improved the production process and efficient marketing brought the price and desire for owning an auto into the reach of common people. Since then, the auto industry has fuelled enormous economic growth worldwide.



Thomas Elva Edison was the first person who invented the incandescent bulb. Then other ones further developed by improvising into it. This invention has provided electricity to each and every home and business which has changed the world. Now, our world is filled with the powered devices that we may plug and have the light that has enabled us to see in dark places.

Computer and Internet:

Charles Babbage introduced us to the programmable computer; he was an English mechanical engineer and polymath. Regarded as the "father of the computer", he conceptualized and invented the first mechanical computer in the early 19th century. Computer has changed our working the procedure and enabled us to perform our task quickly.

Internet is another remarkable invention. It is a network of computers covering the whole planet, enabling the people to access almost any information situated almost anywhere in the world at any time also supports communication via e-mails and voice-mails at negligible cost. Its effects on business, economy, communication, entertainment and even politics are profound.

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