Monitoring Workplace Issues with Recruiting

Monitoring Workplace Issues with Recruiting ?

When people work continuously for a company each day there is a possibility of conflicts arising between them. When a person has powers he would tend to order and generally people don’t like to be ordered. The challenge is how to deal with the arising conflict and make the workers work in a friendly environment as professionals.

If a person has issues with co worker or boss he or she should try to communicate and never accuse .Give positive comments and try to find out the reasons .Hr can intervene and help the employee rather than retaliate. Try to find out if it’s a performance or behavioural issue and help the employee out.

While in a problem always have a reality check on what both parties have and try to find out a solution to the problem on a fast track mode. Never involve in politics which are common in office. Don’t be biased always set goals getting solutions to the problems siding personal and political issues (Moon, 2005)...

The personal and emotional traits of a employee should be exactly known by a manager. He should focus on projects and outcomes rather than conflicts. He should treat everyone equally.When an employee doesn’t communicate or retaliates on a manager it might be a bad move and the situations might worsen. If a worker is backstabbing it needs a transition and self assessment. Always give an honest feedback, don’t favour be reliable and trustworthy.

The HR need to be vigilant, listen carefully, question and clarify the employee’s problems. Always summarise the agreements and disagreements. Modify the assessments given. Focus on the disagreement and try to find a solution for the conflict. After understanding the conflict , resolving the issue ,try to focus on the opportunities to show the progress .Appreciate the employees achievements ad congratulate when progress is shown at each step. Always be supportive and friendly.

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