Maximize network to get opportunity to put you in great position in any field

If you are a recent college graduate, you did focus on the particular subject in college, and had to meet students, faculty, and perhaps some alumni within the major or specialty. This is where network within the particular field begins: people with whom you formed the link in college. By using these people as resources—and extending the network whenever you get opportunity—you will be putting yourself in the great position to find the job within field which most interests you. Here is how to maximize the network.

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Unite with people in college’s alumni network. Most colleges have the email listserv or newsletter that alumni can give to to connect with other professionals who went to their college. Lot of bigger cities will also have in-person alumni meetings, so you can assemble and network with people who share the alma mater. People who are entrenched in their career frequently love giving suggestion or hiring advices to recent grads who share their interests, so do not be shy about getting in touch with alumni in your field and asking them about the best way to start the career.

Stay in touch with professors and career counsellors. Just because you have graduated does not mean doors of college are closed to you forever. Maybe you will not be going back as the student, but you can still contact the university’s career counsellors or any professors in the department to see if they have any relations in your field of concern. Ensure that you are enquiring for specific direction when you email the old professor; for instance, as an alternative of saying, “I have Culinary Arts degree from Kendall College and I wish to get connections so I can get the job,” say something like, “I wish to use my Culinary degree to work in the professional restaurant setting to increase experience—do you know anyone in that field that I could talk to?” Ensure to follow up with thank-you note or email after the professor or counsellor has helped you.

Know the elevators pitch. The elevator pitch is the short spiel about abilities and knowledge you would bring to the job—the kind of summary you would be able to give in less than length of average elevator ride. It is significant to have the elevator pitch as you never know when you are going to run into someone who could help progress the career goals, and you are probable only going to have the short amount of time to describe the goals and qualifications. To give the good pitch, you must figure out your concrete career goals (like to work as copywriter at the ad agency) and know how your abilities and knowledge would make you the good fit for that position. Even if you do not have the lot of work experience, play up other kinds of applicable experience. Keep your pitch professional, and ensure it illustrates how you would benefit the employer, not just how employer would benefit you.

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Create the network online. Though many people may dislike idea of networking becoming the online realm, fact is that social media is now the essential part of networking process. If you do not already have the LinkedIn profile, make one. This will give you with the platform to briefly share qualifications and experience while connecting with others in field. Every time you join with someone through your alma mater or at networking event, see if they have the LinkedIn account so that you can add them. This will permit you the way to organize the contacts and effortlessly get in touch with someone who may be able to assist you.

Be eager to help others in network. Main thing to keep in mind about networking is that it is not all about you—you must be able to assist out others in the network if they ask. And more you facilitate out—by giving someone the introduction to someone in field, writing the letter of suggestion, etc. the more eager people will be to assist you out in return.

Do not fear networking if you are the recent graduate. While networking events and interviews with potential employers might feel painful at first, you will add confidence over time and be able to demonstrate other professionals what you can bring to the field.



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