Know about Google glass-a lightweight and hands free solution to smart phones

Google Glass is the wearable computer with the optical head-mounted display (OHMD). It was created by Google with mission of producing the mass-market ubiquitous computer. Google Glass shows information in the Smartphone-like hands-free format. Wearers communicate with Internet by means of natural language voice commands.

Google gives four prescription frame choices for around $225.00 U.S. It is essential to remove the small screw in to move Google Glass from one frame to another. Google came in partnership with Italian eyewear company Luxottica, possessor of Ray-Ban, Oakley, and other brands, to propose supplementary frame designs. Google sold Google Glass in USA from 15 April 2014 for restricted period of time for $1500.

Google glass is one among the most well-known wearable gadgets ever released. This is one of the most pioneering tech toys which can improve the future tech revolution. Google glass has totally new user interface which plans its functionalities openly before eyes with no screen, mouse or keyboard. This will engage the new user experience as it is created to give a complete internet experience.

Google Glass was created by Google X, facility in Google dedicated to technological advancements like driverless cars. The Google Glass sample looks like standard eyeglasses with lens replaced by head-up display. In summer of 2011, Google engineered the prototype which weighed 8 pounds (3,600 g); it is now lighter than average pair of sunglasses. In April 2013, Explorer Edition was made available to testers and Google I/O developers in United States for $1,500; consumer version will be made available in 2014 for "considerably less" than Explorer Edition.

The important features of Google Glass are:


In a menu it illustrates all of what glass can perform from taking pictures to logging into the Google Hangout account and sharing pictures online, just like you carry out it on the Smartphone.

Speak Texts

Google glass can identify dictated texts to be sent to others through a in-built microphone and cloud based speech recognition system utilizing the wireless internet connection.

Travel alerts

Google obtains its Google Now inform from phones to its glasses. The glass gives all travel updates you require from traffic to public transport information also keeps you updated with a frequency of flights and trains.

Google Maps

Google maps on glass would now build navigation lot easier than before. The map is simply noticeable with its turn-by –turn directions which ensures the trouble free journey. There is also an alternative to view maps in half and full screen in the street view.


This is the aspect on Android phone that has not gained much fame among users of Smart phones. The characteristic ‘Remind me’ notifies about the meeting you have planned linking it to any live event at that hour in and around your locality.

Interior maps

Google brings this characteristic onto glass that is already available to Android users, for plotting a route oneself indoors. You can locate any section you are looking for inside the store as long as augmented GPS can identify your location.

Take photos

The evolution in technology got big sized camera to the phones and tablets. But now Google gets it to its ‘Glasses’. Even though clicks are of ordinary quality, the effortlessness that device gives in snapping can’t be matched.

Hangout with the choice of Screen sharing

Screen sharing on hangout is one outstanding feature on Google glass that permits you to share whatever you are looking. Visuals can be shared through Google Hangouts, which is the better way to communicate with people.


Google has created the lot of small games that can be played on Google glass. Let this to be future gaming platform makers have included unique gaming functionality into it.

Live stream

With live stream app on glass, broadcasting can be never made this easy. All live updates can be shot annoy free without holding a massive camera around.

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