Is technology of 20th century synchronized with the way teachers teach?

The world is changing day by day and there is no uncertainty that the modern society is not similar by an ancient one. For example: the education system has entirely changed these days being teacher does not mean just being a collaborator in complicated progression of acquiring education; it signifies being innovative and highly talented guide that go together with a student in all the way of studying. Are such changes positive or negative?

The 20th Century eyewitness a great evolution and technology was the main driver of this change. The subsequent century affirmed this change and enhanced the existing technology via digital revolution. As an outcome of this adaptation, almost each and every sector enhanced the manner of their operations, be it a manufacturing or service. It is the knowledge-driven innovations which lead this progression.

The academic sector too was no exemption and witnessed this change. This technology-driven conversion has as well changed the manner teachers educate their students. The employment of e-books, e-learning courses, textbook solutions services, live online class-rooms has simplified the teaching processes, making it simple for students to learn any concept. This revolution has changed the role of teachers in the present circumstances.

This progression not only enhanced the manner academic sector has been operating, however as well highlighted different lacunae.

Issues with the present education system:

• Are teacher’s roles fulfilling the needs in the present situation?

• Are teaching procedures out-dated?

• Is the teaching process more marks-oriented?

• Is there an information surplus for students?

By the advent of internet, access to information becomes very simple. Now, anybody can search and obtain information via this medium. By this, there seems to be a reduced dependency on a teacher to get knowledge or information.

The education communicated via the digital medium has changed the manner classes are conducted. Now, students can learn via different digital mediums like e-books, e-learning courses or personalized online classes. This, definitely, has blown the traditional manners of teaching.

The other feature to add in it is the emergence of increased level of competition. This has led to the improvised emphasis on marks oriented teaching. This transformed scenario has changed the anticipations of the students. By the increased level of awareness, they encompass clarity regarding what is needed to obtain the desired results.

The practice of teaching has amended from normal delivery of ordinary lessons to more interactive concepts and their application based learning supported via different digital channels.

There are several aspects of education which each and every teacher has to remember at the time of delivering their classes, like:

• Application oriented teaching to build up knowledge

• Logical

• Object-oriented

• Holds cause and effect relationship

• Encourages innovation and research

• Develops wisdom

In this era, the roles of teachers are refurbished. They require acting as a facilitator or enabler so that they can inspire enthusiasm in students to learn.

Teacher’s guidance is always required:

Undoubtedly digitalization of education system has extremely assist students in their study and research. However if people state ‘the blast of information accessible and the ability to network openly with sources of information from a variety of perspectives makes the role of teacher inappropriate’, I am not accepting that point, as I strongly believe, in this digital period, the role of teachers has become more essential than ever.

A few students argue that they don’t require guidance from teachers. Though, even if students think that they can get help from the web, are they sure that the source of help is genuine? Or do they really encompass the capability to judge what is wrong and what is right for them?

Whenever a student steps down to digital world, their experience and awareness is not completely advanced, where they can make entirely validate decision regarding usage of digital media and other things. Here, they require gurus the most.

However, in an online discussion, a few college students did agree to the fact that they need the guidance of teachers to understand the usage of technology better. They state, ‘we have abundance of information available on the internet on approximately all topics. However it seems complex without any proper supervision, we are not able to judge which one must to choose’.

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