Is Missing Lecture Harming My Study

Is Missing Lecture Harming My Study

In this new era of 21st century, every student wants to learn some things new and innovative methods of education. College lectures are somewhere droning students to attend them. Fresher's comings to college are highly exuberance to attend lectures.

Probably after attending three -four lecturers or after a month they are starting withdrawing the lectures. Even sometimes, students stop attending particular classes also. It's not the fault of faculty, but actually, we are living in the age based on technology and the materialistic environment. We cannot take bookish language to students. Probably teachers provide specific notes to students for the sake of exam and assignments. But this will not help them to learn and understand. By this way, even they won't be able to grasp the core of subjects.

Student stop attending college lecture is not much harmful if they can go through self-study also. Important is that they must able to understand and grasp that knowledge. Clashing subject knowledge not only helps them to learn instead they can become "The Master of Their Subjects" also.    

Indeed, teachers and lectures give their best to understand the subjects but students need a more magnificent idea to understand and elaborate the subject's core.

To enhance students to attend lecture, unique and active mode of teaching must be applied.  For enhancing the education sector in college, this system should be drastically changed. Lectures can also be implanted to students through presentation form, video and diagram. It will be wonderful; more enthusiastically students will attend will lecture also. Many universities and colleges have accepted these criteria. It was highly appreciated by students also. These methods have been more stimulating also instead bookish language. Attendance in many colleges has increased drastically after adopting creating ideas. The students of science, engineering, technology and math want some creative ideas or scientific activities in groups to engage in particular subjects.

Changing the aspect teaching should be found in deliberate form, well considered. It's must be used in exact circumstances of classes also.

Students must not become the part of passive listeners only; they must have one to one interaction only with students.

Students-teacher relationship is Mentor and disciple relation which carries along with them for centuries. Whatever things he will learn from his mentor as a discipline, behavior, mode of conduct will permeate into his life for ages. The same thing he / she will give to his students also.

If we go in the history Newton, Darwin, Mendel and all have not done such an amazing research. Then today we are not able to develop the world on such great scale. The Same manner by providing the active mode of teaching we should keep in mind we are developing future scientist, leaders and teachers of the world who will lead the world.

Teaching is an evitable impact of academics which is used to manage by titanic shift both in teaching and learning (Keirle& Morgan, 2011). To maintain the quality education throughout the world, its time to need a change in the history of the education. We must need to understand, how can we bring this change: the change in the destiny of nation and world. As without education, the world cannot change. Peace will not exist in the world; threatening situation as war and terrorist will eventually grow in countries.

We can adapt following four teaching aspects in promoting lectures in a motivational manner

Active Teaching - In this method, one to one interaction between students can occur by involving them in extracurricular activities. Enhancing the responsibility from learning to leaner (Bonwell&Eison, 1991).

Blended Teaching - education activities should be planned before in pedagogically way as online based activity or surfing internet through providing information (Picciano, 2011).

Team-based technique - to develop interactive study lectures, small groups activities must be motivated so that students can be able to use their minds also it can be short assignments also (Michaelsen& Sweet, 2008).

 Aimed behind all these techniques are self- managed learning techniques among students. These techniques will develop exuberance in students to attend lectures and grasp much information in a short duration of time.

Thus, we should make students how to learn the things not to stop attending the lectures. They are coming leaders of the world. The knowledge they will participate again in college lectures never be gain through any form.

Time to think to foster everyone into capable leaders of world, developing strong bond of Mentor and Disciple!!

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