Innovative Recruitment Process

Innovative Recruitment Process

Recruitment is the process of finding, selecting and hiring of new employees for aform of ajob opening in an organisation. Hence there is achance of recruiting a better and a potential candidate for several participated candidates, only if suitable recruitment measures applied to the context (Vladimirovich, 2014).  Earlier companies used to follow the traditional way of advertising the vacancies and job openings, to recruit the best-suited candidate. Nowadays almost all companies prefer unique, innovative and creative ways to attract the job seekers for the job vacancies.Some of the new ways of attracting candidates and recruit the best among them for thevacant post include usage of internet, innovative method to outreach people, and effective evaluation procedure for candidate selection.

In present times, most of the companies prefer to conduct aninterview through video conferencing. Through video interview, they shortlist some of the candidates and later on select the final candidate using theroutine procedure. This process reduces the crowd during the first phase of theinterview, which is beneficial for recruiters (Breaugh, 2014).An additional advantage associated with this process can be dictated by its time and cost effectiveness. Common technological tools used for video interviewing include Google hangout, Skype, and through the company website.

Likewise, Social media plays a vital role in therecruitment of candidates for every company. There are various social media sites which include Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Google, where the recruiters can advertise the job openings and can also search for the potential and deserved candidate(Vladimirovich, 2014). Moreover, the job seekers are also able to be aware of the job openings through this social media.

Job portals and third party engagement for recruitment process also are operating all over the world. These job portals act as an intermediary between job recruiter and job seeker. The method, no doubt is costly for the recruiter, but it is very much beneficiary as it provides a broad range of candidates to select upon without spending hours on them(Pencavel, 2012). Some companies also offeroption for the candidates to upload their resume to their companywebsite so that they can recruit them according to their requirement.Various career and job fairs are also worthyof attracting candidates to their company(Breaugh, 2014).

There are certainly innovative and unique recruiting techniques that I would suggest my industry:

(i)Visiting and organising training programmes in colleges for internal promotion

(ii)Allowing the employees to recruit for the company via referencing and recommendation procedure (Pencavel, 2012).

(iii) Using social media and networking site for identification and hiring of asuitable candidate to match organisational interest(Breaugh, 2014).

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