Importance of Sports in Student’s Life

Importance of Sports in Student's Life

With the advent of technology, students have become hooked on digital games, television and smartphones. They spend more time for indoors than required. Students have become inactive. Sports are highly recommended for students. It keeps them engaged as well as physically fit. Sports heighten the mood. It reduces stress. Students get to learn a lot through sports such as teamwork, skill development and leadership. Sports develop social skills, self-esteem as well as confidence. Moreover, the sports contribute towards the overall development. Educationists have observed that the sports keep children out of trouble. It keeps the children free of boredom.

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Types of Development through Sports

Students gain a lot when they participate in sports. They learn the importance of discipline and self-control. They know where to channelize their energy. Sports also develop stamina. It keeps a person mentally and physically fit. Through from the sports, students grow and learn:

1.    Socialize - they interact with the team members and learn how to behave with different kinds of people. Sport helps in making friends and creates a bond.

2.    Time Management - students warm up for a particular time frame; then the coach takes them through a drill and so on. Students learn to be organized and work with time.

3.    Teamwork - as a group, students learn to work towards the same goal. They all work with the same motivation and zeal. In a team, everyone has the same goal. 

4.    Healthy Competition -sports make students prepared for competition. In the field, there is competition to score the most number of goals to win. Students learn that this is the same in the big world. There is competition to get jobs, better car or house, etc. 

5.    Staying Positive -if a person stays positive, they can go far. Nothing can bring them down. In sports, the coaching advice the team to remain positive and focused. This way, they can work towards their ultimate goal. 

6.    Honour - it doesn't matter whether a team wins or loses. Students learn that one team has to win, and one has to lose. They should respect and honour the teams. Winning and losing is a sports experience. 

7.    Practice -there is a whole area for improvement and doing better. Through sports, students learn the importance of practice. They can utilize this skill in real life too. Practice and practice till they do better or get it right. 

8.    Responsibility - for example, in a game of football, a person is a goalkeeper. They are responsible for saving goals and keeping the opponents from scoring. If they are not focused and they didn't do their job in right way than the opponent will score easily. Thus, the feeling of responsibility.

9.    Fitness-through a well-balanced diet and physical activity, students can be fit in all aspects. They can be ready for indoor and outdoor work. They won't be prone to illnesses and sicknesses. Sports make the immunisation system healthy.

10.    Discipline - there are lots of guidelines and rules in sports. Students have to abide by them to not get penalised. They also have to follow the classroom rules. They learn that uniformity is important, and it becomes about the order.

Keeps Students Out of Trouble

Sports keep students out of trouble. Research has revealed that bored students and teenagers are bound to participate in criminal activities, drug and alcohol abuse, and violence if they are not guided accordingly. Keeping this in mind, big cities around the world have found the solution in the sports programme. It keeps the students and teenagers engaged. They are provided with the facilities and equipment. Students just have to enrol or signup. They are taken around on tour to neighbouring towns and cities to enhance their skills and compete. Some students are picked to play in the leading clubs or leagues. They get to build and showcase their abilities and talent. Eventually, the students make a career out of it and earn big money. There's something for everyone in sports. It contributes to the overall well-being of an individual. Sports are enjoyed by everyone irrespective of race, religion, nationality and skin colour. People learn to respect and value teammates, coach and the opposite teams.

Sports create a holistic learning environment for students. It makes people better and law-abiding citizens. It encourages people to do their best. Sports highlight that everyone has a different talent. It teaches the importance of having goals and working towards it. Sports teach a person about success and loss. If a person suffers a loss, he or she can work harder and succeed. There's no end. 

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