How to Study Smarter and Get Better Results

How to Study Smarter and Get Better Results

Not Easy

The most sought way of getting through school and college is by getting better results. Many students struggle with their grades. They wish they had put in more effort. Getting good grades are not easy. It requires dedication, hard work and sincere commitment. Some students take up the challenge but leave it half way as they have other things to do. And some go until the end and eventually end up with good grades. Students have to keep in mind that the result cannot be achieved in overnight. It takes time. College Professor, Randall S. Hansen explains that the secret to better results is to what one wants to be. Do away with the distractions. No loud music and switch off mobile phones. Studying in a quiet environment is very essential. It heightens concentration level.

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Studying Tricks for Students

There are lots of studying tricks that students can apply. Here are some highly recommended ones:

1.    Organised - students should keep a diary or planner. In that, they can note down the academic calendar. It's also advisable to work according to a timetable. By doing so, the student will find more time on their hands.

2.    Time -many students complain about not having enough time to complete their assignments or prepare for exams. They should try doing the tough assignments and revising the subjects they find difficult first. It is best to use time wisely.

3.    Don't Skip Classes -skipping classes doesn't do much good. It impacts negatively on the results. By attending all the classes, students can get marks for attendance plus they will know what is discussed in the lecture. It also helps build a good student-lecturer (professor) relationship.

 4.    Readings - students should go through the readings prescribed in the syllabus. The majority of the exam questions were asked from the readings. Students should also make short summaries to help them better understand. And if they have doubts, they should have it cleared.

5.    Study Environment - set out an education environment. Usually, a library makes a right place but then some students don't like the silence. It's best to study in an environment one is comfortable in. They should keep in mind to keep away from distractions such as loud music, television or social networking updates on their smartphones.

6.    Avoid Multitasking - students concentrate on doing everything together. They cannot get online research done by logging onto Twitter or Facebook. They cannot read the assigned chapter with the television on. It will affect the overall study. Eventually, nothing gets done!

7.    Practice - practice makes a man perfect. Students should do as many mathematics questions and physics problems to get hands-on experience. They can time themselves to see how much- time they take to solve a problem. Doing so makes them efficient.

8.    Help Others - if a classmate or peer doesn't know something, a student who knows the subject matter can help them out. It helps the matter stay fresh in the memory.

9.    Study Groups - its best to be a member of a study group. Students can exchange ideas and information. They can easily get help when they were facing academic problems.

10.    Don't force - if a student is not in the mood to study, then they shouldn't study. Nothing will be achieved if the person forces oneself to study. It's best to take breaks while studying. It helps to freshen up the mind.

 11.    Space it out - don't good through all the subjects in one day. Space it out. Keep a particular day for a specific subject. Students should distribute the workload so that they can give an equal amount of time to all subjects.

12.    Intense Sessions - students should engage in some intense study sessions. It will get information pumping and flow in their mind. It also encourages and motivates the student to study more and give their best.

13.    Relate - students should connect with the subjects they are learning. They should relate to the concept and theories. It will make learning easier and faster.

For better results, students can also participate in quizzes and debates. It will broaden their knowledge. By taking part in extra-curricular activities, they will also get marks. Experts say that students should avoid staying up all night to study. It doesn't help much. In fact, it only deprives the student of sleep and has an adverse impact on their health. Students need a good night's sleep to start the day fresh and healthy. They should also stay away from things that stress them out. For better results, a student needs to utilise their mind, body and positive energy.

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