How to merge Education and work

Education...Key to Success

I was standing at a crossroads when I started my Business almost ten years ago. I wanted a career with management responsibility, but it became obvious that, in spite of my management studies from Sweden, I needed a broader and more significant academic foundation. That's when I completed my Bachelor in Management.                  

... Read to lead in order to succeed

The journey was full of ups and down and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Being a Businessman, my education and way of living my life was more than enough for me. I thought this is it, I was satisfied. One day I realized the world has changed as one of my colleagues offered the opportunity to earn a Master's degree, he insisted that the scope of my job would be best served by earning my degree.

.... An investment in education always pays the best interest.

In fall 2014, I decided that if I was going to get ahead in the workforce, I required an education to survive. I joined the University for the Completion of my masters' degree. As a full-time learner who also works a full-time business, it often seems that there is not enough time to meet the demands of college courses.  The course formation and its combination of physical meetings and online lectures were crucial and even I was finding it quite difficult to merge my studies, with my business, family and other commitments.

...Knowledge will bring you the opportunity to make a difference.

 My brother Ray told me to take online help as it will help me to complete my goal easily. With a little search I came upto this friendly site. Just to test the quality of the work. I asked them to help me with my homework. Unbelievable, the professor was so glad with my work. He gave me A. I find it beneficial and decided to continue with the site for the online tutoring as well as the required help. I was able to acclimatize much of the course to times that suited me which made it possible for me to continue for coming years.     

  ...Instruction does much, but encouragement everything.

The different elements of online teaching, and not least the possibility to adapt the curriculum in, provided a good and very relevant package in line with my wishes and focus. Online tuition supported and ensured academic progress. This suited me very well although I do not hide the fact that balancing education and a job demands a lot of self-discipline. Another factor that assisted to keep the motivation up was the opportunity to relate the material to your own business.

                          ...Intelligence plus character--that is the true goal of education

It is good to reach a tough goal such as education, but the real prize is professional and personal development. There is no doubt that my studies is helping me to be a strong contributor to the situation I am now in, working as Retail Sales Director of my own Company.

...I never dreamed about success, I worked for it.

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