How to Increase your Concentration in Student Life

How to increase Concentration in Student Life

Many times we try to focus on a single object continuously. This is what we call it as "concentration".
In this article, we will study the tips to increase concentration skills among students and how to reduce the distractions.

The brain is the main center to control our concentration power. The brain has the ability to focus process information and ignore distraction. So we must keep our brain healthy to improve our concentration.
How to increase concentration?

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1. Positive attitude:

Decide what you want to do, focus on your work with curiosity and show positive attitude towards your work. Thoughts actually rule our life, negative thoughts will distract our mind. Secret to our success is to control negative energy and make your way towards positive thoughts.

2. Proper lighting:

The place which you choose has proper lighting. Dim light decrease the concentration power. Colored light increase your alertness before studying. Lighting will affect your mood, alertness etc. and thus affect your concentration power.

3. Remove distractions:

Don't try to do more than one thing at a time i.e. watching TV, listening loud music, use telephone. Only non-distracting slow background music is allowed, which is called as white music.

4. Be active:

Comfortable table chair, good ventilation increases the attention. First think about the topic you study and start questioning to yourself, underline important points and make notes.

5. Calm your mind:

Watching nature, take proper rest, listen to slow music, spend quiet time alone will make you calm and chances of error and confusion are less. Calmness is the best way to make strong decisions and increase concentration.

6. Division of work:

Divide your work into simpler and harder task. The harder the task, the lesser the concentration. Do less interesting topics first so that when your concentration is lowered after some time then do more interesting topics, so that it develop the interest in the topic and concentration again increases.

7. Hunger:

When you are hungry then concentration is lowered. Don't study when you are tired. Tiredness also decreases the concentration. Take the diet that will boost your brain. Avoid heavy, saturated fatty diet (butter, cream, cheese etc.), this will decrease the memory power and makes you feel sleepy. Avoid high alcohol consumption as it kill brain cells but moderate concentration of alcohol may improve memory and concentration.

8. Take breaks:

When you feel tired or concentration level is less then take a break for some time and recharge yourself for the task.

9. Make timetable:

Make the time table for studying, playing, taking the break, physical activity etc. Continuously doing same work will decrease attention. Children need to be involved in some other useful work.

10. Memory games:

Memory games can improve the focus in a fun way. Kids should play memory games in their free time or whenever they feel exhausted, this boost to focus on a single object and increase concentration but make sure games are not very complicated.

11. Monitor response:

Asking simple questions within the lecture will not distract the concentration and make active. Lengthy lectures will decrease the concentration and led to wandering of mind. When your mind is wondering, focus your concentration on saying yourself simple words.

12. Reward:

When you finish your task, reward yourself. This will develop interest and encourage to do next task. This makes you satisfy for your work and enjoyable.

13. Physical activity:

To concentrate deeply physical activity is a must by controlling your energy. Physical activity is also important for the regular functioning of the brain. Short walk, few jumping jacks, aerobic exercise keep your blood pumping, increase oxygen level to brain. The problems like memory loss, less concentration, cardiovascular diseases reduce.

14. Meditation:

By doing different techniques and practices of meditation daily will increase the concentration power. It also recharges the brain activity. Meditation control the wandering of brain and makes the brain to focus on single object. When you start meditating, small thoughts around the world will distract your mind, but try to ignore the thoughts and focus, suddenly your mind will stop interfering and you increase the concentration power.

15. Sleeping habits:

The famous quote "Early to bed, early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy, and wise". Follow this, and make proper sleep schedule even on holidays also. Sleep is necessary to enhance the memory activities and it is very crucial for concentration power.

16. Check stress:

Stress damages the brain cells and it is closely related to memory loss. It is one of the worst enemies of the brain. To reduce stress, laughing is the best medicine. Share your embarrassing moments with your friends and laugh at yourself. Spend time with fun loving, positive thinkers. Spending time with kids also make you happy from inside and makes you forget emotional stress.

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