How To Deal With The Depression Symptoms

How To Deal With The Depression Symptoms

Do you feel apathetic and out of sorts?  Are you restless most of the times? Did you lose temper on your loved ones without a reason? Do you experience difficultly to settle your mind on anything? Did you lose interest in working and feel difficulty to sleep? Do you experience a loss of energy and interest Is each day a struggle to perform the regular activities? Is your concentration and memory lost? Does nothing seem worth doing? Are you experiencing these feelings for quite some time now? Well, if your answer is "Yes" to most of the above. Certainly you are in Depression.

What is Depression

Depression is a serious illness. It has a profound effect on many aspects of our life .It affects the way how you think, feel and act .It affects not only the person but also the persons around him/her. Result is you become less fun to be with. Every year In United States Of America, depression affects one in 15 adults (6.7%) And one in six people (16.6%) will experience depression in their lifetime. Depression can be at any time, but late teens to mid-20s are prone to it majorly. Compared to Men, Women are more likely to experience depression.

Types of Depression

Depression is categorized as mild, moderate or severe; melancholic or psychotic. The symptoms of depression will last for days to few weeks in Mild and Moderate depression where as the symptoms persist for even years in severe depression.


Persons who suffer with this depression move very slowly and have no interest in anything

Psychotic depression

Persons suffering with this depression feel the whole world is against them and that they are the cause for all the bad events happening around them. They often have hallucinations or delusions.

Depression Symptoms

Depression symptoms vary from person to person. Most of the depressed

Persons experience the following Physical, Behavioral, thoughts and Feelings,

I. Physical Symptoms

1. Tiredness

2. Sleep Disturbances

3. Change in appetite

4. Loss or gain in weight

ii. Behavior

1. Disappointed

2. Extremely sad

3 Lack of confidence

4. Lack of interest in anything

5. Most indecisive

iii. Thoughts

1. I am worthless

2 .People around me will feel happy without me

3. No good happens to me

4. Why me

5. I am a failure

iv. Feelings

1. Sad

2. Irritation

3, Hopeless

4. Anger

5 .Roller coaster of emotions

6. Suicidal Tendency

7. Low Self esteem

Factors leading to Depression

                             Various Physical, emotional, and genetic factors lead to Depression. To be precise physical causes like ill health, stress, no exercise, medications etc, Emotional causes like death of loved one, relationship failures, losing a job, family issues, addiction to alcohol and drugs etc. Genetic factors like depression history in the family contribute to depression.

We cannot do much with genes, but can still do lot other things which will overcome or prevent depression.

Ways to Treat Depression

1. Getting engaged in the activities that interests you before depression.

2. Spending quality time with loved ones, friends and sharing your feelings with them

3 Exercising daily which helps in release of endorphins, which are natural anti-depressants.

4. Eating three meals a day and not skipping the breakfast to maintain blood sugar level        which lessen the mood swings.

5. Eating a well Balanced diet. Adding up healthy fats like Coconut Oil, Flaxseed oil, Fish oil in the daily menu.

6. Cutting down on Coffee, Tea and other drinks which have caffeine

7. Exposing to Sun light as Vitamin D plays an extremely important role in boosting the mood.

8 .Intake of B vitamin, chromium and magnesium supplements, which play a vital role in increasing the brainpower

9. Drink lots of water and eat organic vegetables, fruits, whole grains, and lean protein.

10. Practicing Meditation

11. Maintaining Hormonal balance

12. Get good sleep by sleeping at same time every day and treat yourself with a soft music.

13. Avoiding Junk food and limiting the alcohol.

14. Adding up few fun and pleasant activities to your routine.

15. Using antidepressants

16. Acupuncture, Aromatherapy and reflexology therapy 

17. Adding saffron to season the food

18. Practicing Yoga reduces stress, anxiety and helps improving sleep quality.

16. By talking to a psychiatrist and attending counseling sessions as they help in new way of thinking, providing emotional support ,behaving socially, and changing habits which contributing to the depression.


To recover from depression one needs to be patient, put in time and effort. Only Consistent and continues efforts without giving up to fight depression will surely help and remember there is no quick fix. Before the treatment, one needs to know the complete history of the symptoms, when they started and how long did they lost. There are many treatments to cure this illness. It can be treated naturally, therapeutically by antidepressants or by psychiatry counseling most case studies reveal that combination of the therapies cure the illness better.

Everyone's life is a roller coaster ride. There will be Up's and down's which a part and parcel of life is. Don't ever feel strangled in your emotions. One has to expect, and challenge them. Feeling different within you. That's the only way out. Recovery from depression means having fun with your life and its challenges.

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