How to Cope with Exam Failure

How to Cope with Exam Failure

You have spent so many days and nights studying for exams. Never had enough sleep and fun just to clear your exams, but when the results came, you were shattered. Knowing that you failed your exams is unbearable and even worse is having surrounded by the people who are always there to pinch you that you failed. It was not expected from you. You led us down. There were so many hopes from you. And many more such dialogues.


Although, a single exam can never judge your future, but the things you were told since childhood will make you feel that you are worthless. You will be hopeless and lost. But that is not a solution. Here I will talk about how you can cope with such failures.

Failing an exam is not such a big issue. Failing is part of learning. If you failed at something simply means you were trying to learn it. There is always a certain way to see things. And at this point, you should start seeing things with positivity. Maybe it will appear tough but once you have mastered seeing positivity in every situation, there's no going back.

Don't panic

 Yes, it hurts seeing your hard work went waste. Everyone is upset with you. So what? Failing doesn't define who you are. Failing now doesn't mean you will fail in the coming times too. Don't panic. Don't think of what everyone is saying. Be gentle to yourself. It is just an exam. Not you destiny. Be hopeful and positive. You will get more chance ahead.

Don't take any wrong step emotionally

Feeling the way you are feeling now is completely fine and normal. Being distressed is okay. Just make sure you don't stay this way for a long time.

Stop thinking emotionally and never think of any wrong step. Keep calm, and it was just an exam. You'll clear the next one. Cry as long as you want to, get upset, but don't think this exam as the only thing in your life.

You are not alone

Tell yourself, that you are not the only one in the world. Everyone fails. It is a part of learning. Cursing yourself for failing an exam is not right. Just think it as a temporary setback.

Also, talk to someone. Parents, friends or anyone, you feel comfortable with. Don't stay alone for much time. Flush out your frustration and share whatever you are feeling. If you cannot talk to anyone, write down the thing you have in your mind. You will feel light and better.


Instead of getting depress over the bad past, Try working for the better future. Start again with hope and positivity and work on your weakness.

Prepare for the coming exam, thinking that you will do better than this. You will rise above all the odds. The failure will be a waste if you'll not learn anything from that. So, instead, learn from the failures and work on getting stronger.

Get involved in the activities you like.

Doing what you love, be it painting, singing or playing can help you reduce the stress. Also, it will divert your mind from the stress, and you may realise that there are many things apart from your examination. You cannot think of further if you are not happy with yourself. Try to make yourself happy and calm. There will be many exams ahead. But staying and thinking about the same again and again will only stress you. For that, you need to stay occupied and doing things you love the best way to be happy.


Yes, meditation is the simplest and best way to cure your tension. With regular meditation, you'll get free from all the negativity and stress.

Remember, many great personalities have failed. Not just once, many times. When they never stopped, why should you? Keep the faith and stay ambitious. You may have failed today, but you will succeed next time.

But if you will stay depressed and hopeless, you cannot improve in the coming time. You will lose the next opportunity to excel too.

If you are in need of motivation, you can go through the internet. You will get to know about the great people like STEVE JOBS, BILL GATES, ALBERT EINSTEIN and much more. Learn about them and you will feel positive and motivated. Failing an exam is not an end. Learn from it and move on further. So many things are waiting for you to explore them.

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