How to Choose an Impressive Dissertation Topic

How to Choose an Impressive Dissertation Topic?

Selecting a good and impressive dissertation topic can be a crucial turning point in one's career. Extensive research done in emerging fields not only profits the student with knowledge but it also adds value to the outside business. Many good things can happen for a good like the student gets a dream job, his work is published with major publication houses, etc. But the major issue in the first step. How to choose a good dissertation topic? There are in fact many ways to approach this problem. A major few of them we will discuss with the explanation.

First is that the dissertation topic should be interesting. A monotonous, boring dissertation is only archived in the Institute, library amid dust. The chosen topic should be such that it catches eyeballs all around. It should be new, interesting and the ideas must be as fresh as morning dews. History has witnessed that the exciting and promising topics of research are further researched and the result received is some earth-shaking invention. The dissertation should lighten and inspire the minds of a generation to come down the line.

Second is one must live the topic of dissertation. It should come from a moment of inspiration. And the moment of inspiration comes to those who pack their bags for some mountain trek, drench in rain to win a soccer match, etc. Enclosing oneself in a dark room and waiting for the moment of inspiration does not help. The writer must put his experience in the report only then he will be able to choose words that will inspire the reader and make the dissertation interesting. One must choose a topic in which he has personal experiences such as, conducted or attended many seminars and workshops, done many practical works in and around it. In short, the writer must choose something in which he has hands on experience. 

Third is to keep in mind that the chosen topic is not repetitive. Before finalising one's topic,  he must do a thorough research as how many people have submitted their report on it earlier? What are the current theories prevailing around it? Are these theories are fresh findings or where concluded ages back? Repetitions render monotonous and leave a bad taste in the reader. For example, too many movies on American wars will attract little viewers to the theatres. One can come to the find it out from institute's library archrivals by searching the catalogue of the earlier submitted report.   Or one can search the internet and check out how many works have published on this topic. One can also meet professionals from the business world working on this topics. 

The fourth is the availability of resources. One must not be in a situation where he takes off with some chosen topic but now finds nowhere to land in the unavailability of resources. The situation should not be like abandoned in the middle of the sea with no sight of land. Before choosing the topic, one must have sufficient knowledge about the subject. Also, he or she must have available books in market or institute or town library to support him with facts and figures during his content writing. He should also be a privilege to find sufficient support from college staff, seniors and friends.

Fifth is the chosen topic must be finite. It must complete in all aspect within the stipulated period. One's academic career may suffer if he misses the deadline of his thesis. Hence having confidence in one's ability, one must choose doable topics. Here I am not suggesting any easy and cheap topics but the ones which one, with his hard work, struggle and patience, can achieve to write the report. He must be ready for any questions aimed at him and must answer them satisfactorily. In short, the writer must have full command of his chosen topic.

Sixth is caution. If one choose a controversial topic, one must play caution with the use of words and line of thought. Such controversial topics should not be biassed but a balanced one which discusses the multi-dimension aspect of the issue. A thorough research must accompany any opinion given must be done.

Seventh is the chosen topic must match with the personal field of interest. One must choose the topic such that he can further work on it in his future career. It can only be possible if one chooses his subject topic as per his taste in a career. Choosing such topics has multiple advantages like working on the dissertation will be no more work or burden. One will give his full potential on his dissertation as his mind and body will be in sync to achieve the goal of life. Also, a streamlining effort on a particular field will show his expertise on the subject.

As earlier said, choosing a dissertation topic is a very much important aspect in one career path and must be selected from an inspiration in life.

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