How to be a relentless Perfectionist for writing your dissertation

Dissertation writing is an attempt to gauge the competency of the students to carry out an independent research. This is the final hurdle that the student needs to pass before getting the degree. But on the other hand, many students face problems in completing the academic critical writing paper like dissertation.

The following are the reasons that a student faces while writing a good quality dissertation.

Beginning: One of the most frequently occurring obstacles in writing dissertation is the beginning most of the students get scared at the beginning itself by thinking that their task will not be finished on time and they will not be able to meet the deadlines.

Suitable Thesis Statement
: One of the most critical part of dissertation writing is the thesis statement that maintains the purpose of your research. Important thing to consider is to narrow down the research question in a way that it becomes easier to defend the argument. For example, students write thesis statement as ‘Increased internet use has led to rise of crimes such as hang violence, cyber crime, and fraud and identity theft among others.’ Instead they should write ‘Emergence of social networking has led to an increase in cyber bullying among teenagers.

Relevant Reference: In the development of the dissertation, students use too many direct quotes by   their own. This should not be practiced because it prevents students to reflect their analytical skills, students tend to be doing this on regular basis like writing by their own ,personal views expression this should not be followed.

Presentation of correct data: This is also another problem that a pupil faces while writing the dissertation. I.e. finding relevant and suitable data and sources to back up the argument. The main and efficient thing to be followed before writing an essay is you should have the knowledge about the particular topic thoroughly and should present it accurately. Without having much knowledge about the given topic in dissertation you can never score high.

Time management and poor planning: Universities allot a long period of time for submission of the dissertation but students arise a thought in their mind that they have got a lot of time for submission but at the end they get in hurry to complete the task but they fail to submit or to express it neatly. The main reason behind this is poor time management.

Improper language: In the technologically advanced and social network era. Students struggle to get slang, colloquialisms, and everyday speech patterns in the writing.  Students need to adapt a language that fits and can be acceptable by the audience.

Time Crunch
: Maintaining a balance between the write up and other assignment deadlines can be a little frustrating task for the students. Unavoidable delays take place while gaining access to research participants and organizations.

When you move towards writing a dissertation, the biggest obstacle that comes in the way is the time that limits your work. As a consequence quality is compromised and the required standards of writing are sacrificed.

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