How to accomplish an effective essay in a hasty time

Time management plays a vital role in the construction of an essay. Logically, you will know the exact time or you can estimate the close time up to when you can complete your A grade essay. It is the usual query of students. To be honest there is no fixed time to complete an essay; it depends up on essay to essay regarding following factors.

• The extent of the essay

• The subject matter of the essay

• The explore method

• And the quality of presentation

To write a university essay of 2800 to 3500 words, the average time taken by students is a week. But others suggest the task to be completed in two or three days before. The time factor depends on the strengths and capabilities of an individual student that in what time he/she can complete an essay. The time consumed to complete the essay completely depends on researching skills and analytical skills.

Here, are few steps to write essay in quick fire time:

1. Collect information:

Essay writing involves two types of research.

• Primary research-In this research you have to gather information through interview, questionnaire, and survey.

• Secondary research-In this research information is gathered through reading

This two research are very important you can’t just sacrifice either of the two even if you don’t have enough time. Gathering information is very important and must part of writing. So plan a time limit beforehand to do your research and perform the task with in time limit.

2. Points implementation:

Implementation of points is very important if you speck points on separate paper, it will be beneficial for you in remembering all those ideas while writing your essay. If you don’t do follow this step then surely you will forget and it will consume a lot of time in implementing your ideas in the essay.

3. Always start with an introduction:

The main point in writing the essay is to start with an introduction. Writing introduction, in the beginning, introduces your purpose of writing the topic and your key ideas in the section so that readers can get the clear picture and can understand what the essay is about and what the essay is depicting. The introduction should be the quarter of the content; there is no need of writing an introduction lengthy one.

4. Present paragraphs according to key points:

The main point is the most time-taking element of essay writing. You can save your valuable time all you need to do is note down the key points on a rough paper. Make sure the points and paragraphs should be written in order as written in your rough paper and should be presented in a well concise manner.

5. The conclusion of the essay:

As we discussed earlier about introduction that how important it is, the same theory applies in this conclusion part as well. Both introduction and conclusion of an essay are very important as these points get more noticed comparing to the middle content. Readers show more interest in the conclusion part so make it more interesting one. If you don’t present it properly your whole hard work of writing will be defeated. All you need to do is refer your rough papers while concluding, because the conclusion is all about summarizing the key points.

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