How I conquer GMAT Exam!!!

How I conquer GMAT!!!

Four months ago I hit the wall with my GMAT preparation after having taken the test twice and failing to crack 700 both times. I was consistently testing around 670. My quant and verbal repeatedly let me down and my exam performance was very poor.

I am not a native English speaker and though I was familiar with the numerous rules from the GMAT books, I was never fully comfortable implementing them. I decided that I needed someone to one tutoring for the Verbal section as well as Quant. I found TutorsGlobe on Google search and within a few minutes of submitting my request on the website, the executive team got in touch with me. They understood my problem areas and came up with a targeted strategy to address them. I was firstly uncertain as to how the format would work but TutorsGlobe was very helpful with the time difference and the delivery of the guidance was flawless. You hardly notice that you're not in the same room.

TutorsGlobe has thoroughly knowledge of the workings of the GMAT test itself, and experts here provided exceedingly useful up-front advice about how to handle time pressure and manage overall test strategy. This made a big difference to my exam practice and provided the edge on the day.

Covering that, TutorsGlobe has an mysterious ability to simplify complex questions and take you through the easiest approach. Anyone who's tried using the GMAT Official Guide will be familiar with how complex some of the answer explanations can be. TutorsGlobe continually showed new approaches that the Guide does not clear.

With a lot of hard work and TutorGlobe's guidance I took my score from 670 to 740. To that end, I thoroughly Thank TutorsGlobe for all the support and marvelous services provided me with. 

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