Globally Project yourself via Holographic Telepresence

Video communication or video conferencing has an exponential growth within few years adhering to its vast business benefits. Skype has been used across the world as the most flexible and easily used platform for pursuing the conferencing. Video conferencing provides enormous potential of improving the productivity and effectiveness by plummeting the unproductive travel time, avoiding the meeting delays, generating shorter and more structured meetings, and enabling greater reach of a message. It improves the management Communications by providing more interface at all levels and by increasing the flexibility, augmenting the business opportunities. Because of these benefits video conferencing is utilized by every industry.

The upcoming technology of “holographic telepresence” will enhance this experience of international conference calls. This technology will add further dimension to the business meetings and will benefit in several other fields too.

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Holographic Telepresence:

In simple words, it is a technology evolved that will offer three dimensional, full motion videoconferencing. Within this technology, a 3D moving image is broadcasted anywhere and may be seen at different angles or destination that makes it feel as if the real is present in the room. It appears that the two people are at the same place, where one can move at 3600 angle and can direct to do many things like in a remote meeting one can offer the remote worker a true seat at the table, provide the capability to look around the room, turn to the colleague and can have a side conversation too.

It is used by celebrities, many executives and public figures in order to provide a real experience where audiences of different countries can saw the 55-minute speech of any celebrity like Obama simultaneously. This technology promises more efficient and effective meetings or presentations, improvements in time efficiency, cost savings, a larger response to what you're saying and the capability for the organisation to make an incredible impact over its audience.

We can examine various instances of this technology in Hollywood movies like avatar, Avalon, The Matrix, Iron Man, Illusionist and many more movies. These movies have easily illustrated this technology in efficient manner. Video games also used to incorporate this technology.

Requirement for Holographic Telepresence:

a) The basic require for this technique to happen especially for consumers, is a considerable increase in the capacity of network.

b) Internet connections which can hardly handle a decent quality of the videoconference will require an upgrade in order to cope up with the much larger number of bits required to project the real-time hologram.

c) It is all related to the scale. And without scaling the infrastructure, it will become too costly to provide something like this.

Technique behind Hologram:

Holography technique is based upon the concept of recording of both the amplitude and phase of the wave front of light from an object. This is accomplished by joining the wave front of the light from object with the help of the coherent reference beam from the same source in order to generate an interference pattern that is known as a hologram. The recorded hologram is then illuminated by using a similar reference beam which reconstructs the original wave-front, which the eyes observes as exhibiting the original object as if it were present in real.

Holographic television or Telepresence:

Next step ahead of the dynamic digital holography includes “holographic television or Tele presence”. Thought includes recording the digital holograms at the video-like frame rate, broadcast them, and then show them within their full 3 dimensional glories at the similar frame rate.

Till now the most inspiring "holographic" demonstrations have not included any real holograms. Famed "hologram" of the Princess Leia requesting for help in the Star Wars: Episode I in 1977 was the non-holographic special effect. Series of the current demonstrations of the "Holographic Telepresence" incorporating the futurist Ray Kurzweil and long-dead rapper Tupac Shakur were also fakes, based upon the illusion of "Pepper's Ghost" that projects a 2Dimensional image onto the clear screen on the stage.

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Advent of Holographic Telepresence:

This advanced technology will provide a vast benefit which may be summarized as follows:

a) Encompass experts describe live processes, in person, in 3Dimension.

b) Link remote class-rooms geographically.

c) Convey lectures to several class-rooms, any-where, simultaneously.

d) Remote attendance.

e) The entire new dimension to the instructional content.

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