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Nowadays, academic sector holds a maximum priority in our list. People are eager to collect knowledge from excellent college or institutions to meet up their academic needs. However the world is growing at a fast speed and the main reason for this progression is the breakthrough of technology.

We have used technology in each and every step of our life which begins right from the starting of the day and carries on till the end of our routine.

However most of the regions are enhanced with technologies, but right now the priority must be provided to the academic sector. By the increasing population and hectic lifestyle, it is hard for teachers and students to pursue conventional method of learning. Furthermore, the educational syllabus is getting complicated and tougher. Thus, learner’s desires of improvised medium for learning that assist them acquire information fast in short time period. Here is a list of some technologies which is expected to bring beneficial change in education in the near future.

1) Cloud computing:

Cloud computing stands for ‘internet based computing’. At present, cloud computing is mainly used by the number of big organizations where members within or outside the organization share information. This process neither needs programs nor software. Furthermore, a good internet connection is vital to benefit the facility of cloud computing. The most useful quality of cloud computing is that the information and data can be stowed somewhat in servers across the world. Due to this reason, efficiency of IT firm or business has increased resultant in better output.

How cloud computing be used in educational field?

Just similar to a business enterprise, when you are in schools or colleges; you need notes from teachers, you would like to encompass significant power-point presentation illustrated in the class, you may as well at times require to share or exchange notes with your classmates or friends. Therefore, till present date most of us either bear a portable device such as pen-drive to store such information’s. However what if you have stored significant information from your teacher and regrettably your portable device fails to work when you require retrieving the stored data?

Therefore, in such situations; cloud computing can be of great benefit. According, to the latest discussions and news, cloud computing can bring an extreme change in academic sector. Receiving, sharing and accessing information will become a simple task, in consequence saving time and effort.

2) Mobile Learning:

At present, students are seen employing tablets and smart phones most of the time. A few uses it for social networking site while other uses it to browse various pages. However it is anticipated that soon such mediums will be cheaper and simply accessible for students. The students can use such medium to get vivid information on countless topics desired by them. No issue where they are, by having good internet connectivity and a mobile phone, learners can get desired information on any topic at a click.

3) Game based learning:

Who don’t like playing games in their laptop or mobile phones? Everyone does, right! Whenever we are walking on the street, waiting for a relative or friend, travelling in bus or train, whenever we have nothing to do at all, playing game in mobile phones have become our beloved pass- time. Although what if such games all along with entertainment as well serves as a good source of learning.

By using GBL in the academic field build up a creative side of your brain, increases IQ and makes you interactive. At present only a few schools and colleges have used GBL in their curriculum however this process of learning will soon be applied by the whole educational institutes.

4) E-book:

E-Book as known as Electronic book can be read by using smart phone, laptop, iPhone, tablets or e-book reader. However numerous learners have already started employing e-book, yet there are some others who are even not well awake regarding this technological medium. Reading from e-book instead of text-book can give number of benefit for the learners which comprise: easy accessibility, inherent features of saving, marking, searching and reading.

5) Virtual learning:

A small sight of academic growth can be noticed in classroom where videos and power-point are employed to describe topics in a described manner. Virtual learning can be described in the other manner as well, studying outside the class-room or studying in the class-room virtually; however the lectures are delivered from somewhere else. Assignment Help services are one of that kind of virtual learning services.

6) Gesture based learning:

Have you ever observed lecturers delivering lecture in the class and student yawning or taking a nap; finding the class boring and unexciting? We generally do observe this in each and every level of student life. I am confident that even you have definitely taken a nap throughout your lecture periods. Thus, to boost up student’s interest and maintain their focus, the idea of gesture based learning has bumped in several intelligent brains.

The technology of Gesture is not a new word for us. Gesture signifies posture, the manner you walk, watch, act or do; and integrating technology in our gesture elucidates the concept of gesture based learning. It signifies that this technological medium takes our sign as the input. No keyboard or mouse is needed to give the data to the system. You can note the divergence that this gesture based learning is 3-D based and permits you to work devoid of the help of external devices. There are nowadays many systems which make use of gesture based technology such as: sixth sense, G-Speak, L-motion and so on.

The above is the list of 6 technologies which can bring a huge shift in the academic field. Once implemented, such technologies will make learning efficient, exciting and pleasant.

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