Food Supplements To Control Obesity

Food Supplements To Control Obesity 

What is Obesity?

Obesity, is a condition resulting from excessive storage of fat in the body. Obesity is mainly because of intake of high calories than required for energy. The excess calories get stored in the body as fat. In much simpler way 20% more weight than the normal according to their age, height and weight or as by BMI (Body Mass Index) can be regarded as Obesity. Obesity and overweight are the fifth leading risk for global deaths.

What should not be included in Obesity Diet?

Sugar, Processed Junk food, beverages, trans and hydrogenated fats, refined flour

What should be included in Obesity Diet?

High Fiber foods like vegetables, seeds, berries, and nuts

Lean protein.

Coconut oil and Coconut milk,

Small meals

Causes of Obesity

Genetics: If both parents are obese, the child is more likely to obese as the hormones that involve in fat regulation are affected.

Insufficient Sleep

Inadequate exercise  

Less physical activity.


Increasing Urbanization

Changing modes of transport.

Certain Medications

Persons who quit smoking

Statistics of Obesity

13 million (16.9 %) of U.S. Children ages 2-19 are Obese

78 million (35 %) of U.S adults are Obese

23.9 Million (31.8%) between 2-19 children are either overweight or obese

Risks associated with Obesity

Strokes and Heart diseases




Asthama and sleep apnea


Natural Ways to Control Obesity

By limiting the intake of fats and sugars

Regular physical activity

Eating more fruits, vegetables, grains and pulses

Food Supplements to Control Obesity

Multivitamin and Mineral supplements which has Vitamin A, C, thiamin, iron and calcium will control the obesity as most obese people are nutrition deficient.

B complex vitamins like Lecithin liquefy the fats stored in the body and expel them, thus leading to a healthy weight loss.

Vitamin B5 ( Pantothenic acid) is a good supplement which can reduce 3 kilos a week without any side effects.

5-HTP (Hydroxytryptophan) when administered lessens the craving for food and as well hunger

Chromium helps in preventing diabetes which is very common in people who are overweight, as it improves the insulin effectiveness.

Zinc, which is found in Sea food, Whole grains and Wheat germ also can control Obesity

Coenzyme Q 10 promote weight loss by breakdown of fat to energy

Magnesium  is considered to reduce the  sweet craving and also reduces the muscle cramps in people who are trying to shed their weight. Sea food, green vegetables and low fat dairy products are rich in Magnesium

Iron is considered to act against the obesity. As its deficiency causes anemia thus making an individual to opt for low calories dieting. Steamed beans, Tofu, Soy beans , Wheat cream are good sources of Iron.

Calcium is another food supplement which can help to shed few extra pounds.

Medium Chain Triglycerides can be extracted from Coconut and can actually promote weight loss. Certain Physicians also recommend massaging the body with coconut oil to shed few pounds

Essential fatty acids like prime rose oil, salmon oil, and flax seed oil help in controlling the appetite

Carnitine helps in breaking up the fat deposits and aid to weight loss.

GABA( Gamma-aminobutyic acid) suppresses the  food cravings

DL Phenylalinine stimulates the metabolism and suppress the appetite.

L Arginine , L-Orthonine plus L.lysine decrease the body fat

L-Glutamin lessen the carbohydrate cravings

L.Methonine breakdown the fat.

L-Phenylalanine appetite suppressant

L-Tyrosine stimulates metabolic function

Pyruvic Acid helps the body to burn the calories very effectively.

DHEA (DEHYDROEPIANDROSTERONS) inhibits the fat production in the body

Why do we need food supplements to control Obesity

Multivitamin/ Mineral supplements with combination of healthy food, exercise can help fight obesity. Usually obese people tend to diet  makes them fatigue and crave for food . They usually take high protein diet with most important nutrients lacking. Overweight people may not reap the antioxidant benefits too because of their diet regime.

All diet plans adopted by obese persons lead to deficiencies in Vitamins' like A,C,B6, Folate, magnesium , Zinc, Thiamin, Iron and calcium etc. So it is suggested that a obese person who is on diet  to take a vitamin supplement to reduce the obesity

Obese people are less immune because of the deficiency of vitamins, minerals and especially the antioxidants leaving them more vulnerable to cancer and other infections. Hence adding a food supplement will not only reduce the obesity but also reduce other effects and illness caused by obesity.

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