Follow some hacky tips to write your essay in a perfect manner

As we all know almost all the students faced many problems, while writing an essay. So, today I will tell you few tips which help you in essay writing. These tips are:

You should launch your topic quickly:

A good sentence should be focused, meaningful and descriptive. You have to make sure the reader what and why is your topic important. If the reader won’t found the focus a beginning of the sentence, they lose their interest and get frustrated quickly. To make it better, we must know the importance of the topic and make it more interesting by adding useful sentences which attract the reader.

Use short paragraphs:

Your paragraph should not be more than four to five sentences long. It looks visually good so the reader read it. If you put more and more sentences in the paragraph, then the reader won’t find it interesting, so he lost his interest before starting. Always use short paragraphs to write your essay perfect.

Try to use active voice:

It gives clarity and makes the reader more excited towards your essay because it tells what’s happening in your essay rather than you are just telling the reader. With the use of active voice, your sentence becomes stronger and becomes shorter.

Make sentence of 30 words:

After completion of essay writing read your work loud so if you are taking breathe and pause while reading that means you used long sentences. To make your sentences clear, make sentences of 30 words or less than that.

Use simple language:

Always write your essay in a simple language; don’t use jargon or difficult words in your essay. Use simple words so the reader can easily understand the essay and enjoy it.

Try to avoid the use of the adverb, whenever possible

According to my point of view to make your essay perfect you should avoid the use of common adverbs. They are:

1. Very

2. Completely

3. Totally

4. Really

5. Definitely

Don’t mention redundant sentences in your essay. It makes your essay worst. Avoid redundant words also.

You should remember to edit

After completion of the original draft, now it’s time to take a small break. Take a nice lengthy sleep, or look at several Netflix. In my opinion, I similar to give myself minimum 24 hours prior to I move towards back to edit. It gives me time to expanse myself from my job and gets nearer to a fresh perspective.

As editing is very practical, you can take print out the essay and spot it up with ink. Most important point is that read your work louder. You can easily observe your mistakes by doing this or awkward sentences when you hear that kind of words in your voice.

For more tips on how to improve your writing, there are many online websites which gives series on Essay writing, or you can browse Tutorsglobe which provide essay writing services, textbook solution etc of more than 8.5 million learning resources. If you have any tips which you would like to share to improve your writing? We would love to examine them in the mentioned comments which are shown below!

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