Facebook Where There Are People, There Are Sales

Facebook - Where There Are People, There Are Sales

In the era of 2016, Facebook is indeed a very powerful social networking tool. Facebook, if used judiciously, has multiple facets and innumerable advantages which can be utilized to achieve far reaching goals.

Talking from the basics, Facebook is nothing but an ocean of people of human resource per say. It imparts a special bonding or connectivity between people of varied races, caste, creed, occupation or regions. It is an ideal platform to generate business opportunities as well as connect to people having flair for sales and marketing. It is very appropriately said: Where there are people, there are sales. Say, for example, and advertiser needs to sell his/her products through Facebook. All he has to do is create a page on Facebook with certain pictures/descriptive texts highlighting the salient features of the products to be sold. The advertiser can load his/her contact details viz. email ID, mobile number, webpage details on the homepage. There is an option on Facebook to "Like" the page. Then the advertiser can invite his contacts on his/her mobile/laptop to "Like" the homepage so that all the contacts can become aware of the products being sold on Facebook.

Broadly speaking, following are the main steps on Facebook to generate sales for a particular product/service:-

  • Setting up the homepage:-Facebook facilitates an advertiser to display the details of his/her products to be sold and gives the advertiser online presence.
  • Enhance or boost your posts/ads to reach out more people:-It is possible to show your posts/ads to a wider range of audience who like your page, at a nominal cost.
  • Choose your Clientele/audience:-It is possible to target your Clientele/audience as per the criteria your choose viz. age, gender, location, areas of interests etc
  • Reach out to Clientele you know:-It is very easy to get in touch with your known Clientele in a safe and secure way that safeguards your privacy
  • Remind/Remarket to website visitors:-There is a provision to refresh/remind the visitors of your website by reposting an advert on Facebook regarding advertisement of your products/services.
  • Adverts for Local awareness:-Local awareness adverts on Facebook help you to reach out to people in your area so that they are aware of your presence.

The key to effective selling of your products is by highlighting your products or in simple language, showing them off. It is advisable to adopt innovative or modern techniques to show off your products. For example, posting attractive pictures or videos of the products and using effective marketing and selling language attracts the attention of would be Clients. It is important to make the Clientele aware of the advantages and benefits of the products, at the same time highlighting the cost effectiveness of the products so that the users are tempted to buy your products and not approach any alternative Suppliers for the same.


Another approach is to get maximum likes to your homepage from the potential Clientele. You can start with approaching your family, friends and near and dear ones. The chain can be expanded to other Customers simply by word of mouth or indirect advertising by your close associates. One way of expanding your business is by getting Promoted Page Likes on your homepage. This can be easily done by following the steps mentioned in Para 3 of this article. It is also important to set the budget of the products you are advertising by using sophisticated budgeting and bidding options.

Another tool which is being commonly used on Facebook to promote sales is by running contests on your homepage to boost the sales of your products. Simple rules can be set for the Contests and attractive prizes can be given to the winners to encourage the public participate in the Contests and eventually buy the products. For example, for a fast food chain say Pizza Hut, Rs 200 discount can be given on purchase of pizza worth Rs 800 or more. This will definitely attract more Customers and encourage buyers to frequently visit Pizza Hut thereby enhancing the sale of pizza.

Next, one can boost their posts on Facebook by using powerful tools or apps like Power Editor or Facebook Ads Manager. Boosting a post is a very simple procedure. A link titled Boost Post is available on the bottom of each advertisement which can be clicked in order to boost your post and enhance the chances of getting more likes. A specific budget can be chosen considering the criteria of your friends and acquaintances and the geographies of the place you stay...then ad can be boosted by clicking the Boost Post icon.

The method of contacting you can also be now simplified and be multifarious. In earlier days, the only way to contact you was by means of your phone number. Now, in addition to your phone number, you can also be contacted through Facebook messages in a simple and effective manner. You can activate or turn on the messaging mode on your page by going to Settings and then Edit settings where you click on Messages and then click Enable Messages. Phone numbers can also be displayed on your page.

Facebook Offers are also an effective means to boost your sales. On your page click Offer or Event and you will get numerous offers to choose from a list. You can add a headline to the offer, post photos or videos and put a start and end date to the offer and then see the amazing response you get to your offer.

In order to summarize, Facebook is indeed a very powerful and effective tool, in case used judiciously and meticulously to sell your products or services and attract a large group of Clientele. As the heading of this article says, Facebook-Where There Are People, There Are Sales. Facebook is a conglomerate of people of various ages, gender, caste, creed, demography, and occupation who come together as a family and continuously interact with each other to achieve a common goal.

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