Explore the underlying features of "Graphic Design" as a career choice

Graphic design has become a popular choice as a career if someone is looking for creativity as a profession. Graphic Designers generally create the visual artwork for the newspapers, websites, magazines, CDs, books, advertising and about everywhere else the eye can see. It has variety of work and has never ending source of employment, which is responsible for making graphic design a rather popular choice. Individuals who desires to enter into graphic design industry with motive of making career, it becomes really significant to understand the kind of work and also the academic avenues before just jumpstart a graphic designer career. Graphic designers can work either in-house for the company, freelance, or begin their own business.

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What is Graphic Design?

Graphic design refers to the creative process which combines art and technology together in order to communicate ideas. It creates the application as per the client requirements and for this it uses variety of communication tools. The main tools are image and typography.

In other manner, consider you have needed to demonstrate a complicated system, how you will communicate to the audience, one is verbal communication. However, if you use any visual medium-if you make a poster; type the letter; make a business logo, a magazine add, or an album cover; even make a computer printout-you are using a form of visual communication known as graphic design.

There exist many ways in which a graphic designer can convey his/her message:

a) Image based design

Image is one of the powerful methods to represent ideas their client wish to communicate. Images are incredibly powerful and compelling tools of communication, providing not only information however also moods and emotions. People respond towards the images instinctively based upon their personalities, associations, and their previous experience. In this, images must carry the entire message; there shouldn’t be any words to help.

b) Type based design

In some of the cases, designers use the words in order to express their particular message, but they utilize the words in different manner than writers do.  Visual forms, whether typography (communication designed by means of the printed word) or handmade lettering, carry out various communication functions. They can draw your attention towards the poster, identify the product name on a package or a truck, and present running text as the typography in a book does. Designers are experts at presenting the information in a visual form.

c) Image and type

A designer can combine images and text together to communicate client’s message to audience. They use both these methods in the creative manner.

d) Symbols, logos and logotypes

Symbols and logos are considered as the special, highly condensed information forms or identifiers. Symbols are the abstract representation of a particular idea.  Logotypes are corporate identifications based upon the special typographical word treatment.  To create these identifiers, the designer should have a clear vision of corporation or idea to be represented and about the audience to which the message is directed.

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Things designer should know:

It is required to master several skill and concept for being a graphic designer. It follows an overview of nine categories which you will found in most design programs. Designer need not to have expertise in all the aspects of design however selects a special area of interest in the certain kind of communication problem. One may love to print media and thus, prefer magazine or book design. Another one may have a great interest in type design or want to design exhibits.

a) Perception, visual organization, aesthetics

b) Visualizing techniques

c) Materials, tools and technology

d) Blending ideas and production techniques

e) Message and content

f) Methods, planning and management

g) History and criticism

h) Design theory

i) Graphic design subjects

Who can become a designer?

Whether you can become a designer, if it is your doubt or a question, which is haunting your nights. In this case, first, you should have a look at the clusters of characteristics often shared by the designers and find out if you see yourself reflected there. Begin with three most common traits designers share: interest in the visual world, curiosity about communication in all its forms and creativity.

Designers are considered as skilled lookers, they take in world both visually and conceptually. Designers observe an idea from all the sides, exploring for an approach with a twist-one that goes beyond the ordinary. All these habits of eye and mind feed their creativity. For designers, world of objects and ideas becomes a vast playground from which they take out the fresh ideas and images.

Degrees available for Graphic design in colleges:

For being a graphic designer, there are few options available- either an art school or a regular 4-year degree offering institutions. Most of the universities will grant a bachelor of art degree with a major in Graphic Design. These programs will cover usual General Education requirements also provide the students with the courses on all different computer programs which can be used for graphic design, design principles, colors, typography, production, and electronic imaging.

Few more popular degrees are as follows-

a) Graphic Design

b) Web Design

c) Print Design

d) Visual Communications

e) Interactive Media Design

f) Photography

g) Advertising Design

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