Employ most excellent presentation tools to win and influence people

Using PowerPoint for all of the class presentations can get actually boring. Then, even worse, university makes you take the class about how to use PowerPoint. When did Microsoft rapidly make a monopoly on every presentation ever made?

Presentations are very necessary for you to do well professionally. In today’s business environment, competition in workplace is getting more competitive. It is no longer adequate for you to have essential capability to do job, you must also be able to talk well, write well, and present yourself attractively to the superiors. What better way to allow other people know what you are capable of than by presenting the great idea or plan during meeting. Though, you require having essential presentation skills to succeed in this endeavour.

For many individuals the first significant presentation they give might be to selection committee. It might be labelled as "job interview" but it is really a presentation. Success rides on their presentation surpassing competition. The results are black and white but the abilities are rainbow of colours.

In most organizations day-to-day business needs teamwork. That means presenting to the team or on behalf of the team. Career growth requires presenting your ideas to others. And if you want to be promoted you require training others to manage your old job. If you desire to fast track the career - volunteer to work on projects and give more presentations.

Creating presentation skills and giving the effective presentation is not easy matter. It is said that some people are born with presentation abilities but you must also keep in mind that presentation abilities can be learned. And take note that presentation skills can be created further when it is being practiced frequently so create the presentation skills and become the expert.

If you have thought these things, you will be happy to know that group of lesser-known slide show softwares exist. Many of these programs are even accessible for free download from internet. Here is the helpful list of top five PowerPoint alternatives.


Prezi is new cloud-based software good for presentations. You can utilize Prezi on the Windows PC, Mac, or iPad. One of the features which sets Prezi apart from other products is its zoom characteristic. You can zoom in and out of any part of the presentation. Students can use Edu Enjoy Prezi plan for free. The Edu Enjoy plan is the upgrade from standard public plan, permitting you to use your own logo and access the free premium customer support service. When you use Edu Enjoy plan, you can also make sure that your prezis are confidential.

Google Docs Presentations

Most college students are recognizable with Google Docs. It is one of the easiest methods on web to create files which have multiple contributors. Now, Google Docs has the presentation option as well. Google Docs presentations are extremely similar to PowerPoint presentations, but have additional benefit of allowing multiple users edit presentation. Google Docs is accessible for free to all personal Google and Gmail users. Google Presentations is good tool for presenting class project.


SlideRocket is the software significant of the old photo slide show. Despite its fairly nostalgic feeling, it really is very up-to-date and presents astonishing graphics. If you are making the image-heavy presentation for art class, in example, SlideRocket is just tool you require. SlideRocket shows high-res photographs and images a lot better than PowerPoint.

Zoho Show

Zoho Show is fundamentally the generic form of PowerPoint with added feature of allowing people audio chat during presenting. This is the great tool for long distance presentations. Though, most college students will find Zoho Show pretty useless. It is a handy tool to use for distance learning class, or else, one of the other featured PowerPoint alternatives will go well with student’s requirements better. Now that you are aware of a range of substitutes to PowerPoint, there is no requirement to pay big bucks for real thing.

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