Eight strategies of English that can improve your reading

How many children can read a book meant for their age fluently? A close examination of reading skills reveals little or no comprehension of the main idea of the text. When that happens a book becomes a collection of words rather than a portal into the world of imagination. A study by the National Assessment of Educational Progress, America's largest assessment program for students, shows that forty five percent of fourth graders assessed in the United States were not fluent readers. So how can we improve fluency levels? An eight point strategy can be of immense help in this regard.

A) Text Processing Techniques:


Good readers comprehend with a purpose constantly appraising whether the text substantiates it or not. A look-over at the title and section headings helps to understand the structure of the text.


The knowledge of subject matter and the author allows the prediction of writing style, content and vocabulary employed.

Skimming and Scanning:

A quick look at the content recognizes the main idea.


Using previous knowledge of the subject matter and ideas from the content helps to grab the meaning of unfamiliar words, rather than looking up each and every word in the dictionary.


The review subsequent to reading a part to check on comprehension results in an enhanced grasp.

B) Read things which mostly attract you:

Whenever you have interest in the content or topic of your reading, then the words will come lively, and consequently you feel motivated to comprehend it. You will feel pleasure in accomplishing a job which you get pleasure from, and which you think evocative. The more you read, the improved you will befall at reading. Just get began and it will turn into a routine.

C) Reading Aloud to Children:

Children can benefit tremendously from read aloud sessions. Reading aloud with expression and voice modulation makes the text more appealing. Post reading discussion about what made the reading better can bring out the vital points.

D) Exploring Different Genres:

Reading material selected from different genres exposes students to various styles of reading. Poetry requires a different style of comprehension as compared to fairy tales of speeches.

E) Providing Suitable Reading Material:

Surround children by a good collection of books so that they become attracted to the reading habit. Adults can be role models through engaging themselves with the exemplary books. Inculcating the library habit early in life pays off well too. There are so many sites available online like textbook solution they are having collection of so many books comparing to library that one can simply login and enjoy the convenience of online library

F) Let your imagination get concerned:

A good reader for all time engaged in the reading content and facilitate to their imagination. Learn to get pleasure from reading devoid of inquiring and examining numerous questions. Simply like and look ahead to gain the information, thoughts and ideas conveyed by the author.

G) Reread:

If you are not able to understand the meaning of your content, then read over the sentence one more time. Try reading the content slowly with a high pitch. If you still not able to get the point, ask a good author to illustrate the sentence or try to pick a book which is simpler and more suitable to your reading level.

H) Reading Games and Activities:

Many innovative games, based on word building and vocabulary, are available in the market. These can become bonding family times while improving children's vocabulary. Many activities can be created using ordinary household items. Bring children's attention to the bright signs and labels commonly used in public places. Audio books make a truly entertaining possibility since children read as they hear.

Good reading skills not only contribute to better comprehension and fluency; they make reading an extremely gratifying experience. Alas not all reading is just for enjoyment or delight. Whenever you are reading a manual or textbook, or report or other study matter that have to read for school or college, you might require to underline, take notes and read some sections over again, in order to keep what you are reading. Though, if you have build up the routine or habit of reading for delight, you will find out that the cognitive methods you necessitate will come naturally, and result in understanding a lot better than before.

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