Effective Tips for better study skills to accomplish milestones in the field of education

Study skills denote to capability to read, remember and keep class portions, text book content and other study materials. Creating study abilities depend on individual's capability, grabbing power, interests, environment and self discipline. Few methods to create study skills and sharpen them better with few useful techniques.


This method denotes to seeing imagery through mind on what has been taught, comprising block diagrams, images, matching real world objects with concepts read. It also creates your creativity, imagination and cognitive skills.

Group Study

Joining the study group on some topics lets members to share and collaborate among others. Study materials can be separated for individual preparations, which then can be delivered as brief session or flash cards to other members in study group. This is one of the most common study methods.

Writing what you read

Writing whatever you have simply read straight away aids to keep fresh knowledge and also improves the confidence in exam. Apart from that, you can educate yourself to be tolerant to actually absorb knowledge through hard work and also enhance written communication skills.

Learning by doing

This is one best form of creating a study skill - doing things practically based on what one read in text book though it may not be possible to experiment or execute everything just about. One has to create habit of experiencing them practically if there any opportunity exists. For instance, college lab exercises, be relevant them on real world situations.

Flash cards

This is the most common method of keeping tab of topics read. It is done through the small post card where main words are noted down for quick reference. Most of the students keep them useful in its place of keeping complete notes or text books. This helps in developing hints to the topics and improvising the whole content from the keywords.

Mind maps

It is the best method to narrate topics and relate links among them. Mind map is the powerful tool which follows the tree or hierarchical structure to particular topic. It is also great brainstorming method to create more ideas for essay comprehension, writing, and critical thinking. It hones the thought process by looking at a variety of perspectives to subject.

Behaviour alteration

Use association learning concept. Try, as nearly as possible, to learn same subject at the same time in same place each day. You will find that, after very short while, when you get to that time and place, you are involuntarily in subject groove.

Train the brain to think math on time-place cue, and it will no longer take you ten minutes a day to get in math mood. Not only will you save time and touching energy you once required to psych yourself up to do math, or whatever else, it will also aid you keep in mind more of what you are studying.

After learning, strengthen yourself by doing something wants to do (watch television, go to a party). Experts know that positive strengthening of behaviour (like studying) will boost its frequency and duration. Behaviour alteration can work for you.

Group discussion and quizzes

Revise the topics through the group discussion with friends to additional develop your memory. It is better to assign 30 minutes of time for conversation and explanations. To make it more interesting, perform small quizzes through rapid fire rounds, puzzles and other form of investigative learning. This also creates communication and social skills.

Relaxation methods

It is very important to keep the healthy mind and body. Taking breaks and rests for 10-15 minutes between studies keeps the mind calm. It is suggested to have the minimum of seven hours sound sleep. It revitalizes both body and mind. Mental pressure can be released by playing sports, performing work outs and spending quality time with family and friends. Practicing meditation, deep breathing exercises and yoga are good methods to enhancing concentration and focus.

In synopsis, study skills are both innate and obtained by nature. They may differ across individuals but some common and working practices can be deduced and applied by all students to sharpen and manages their existing abilities.

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