Effect of Employment Laws for attracting Potential Candidates to Company and Industry

Employment Laws

The purpose of making this report is to determine the expected response of hiring managers about their understanding of six employment laws. As per the given scenario, at human resources training professional, you have trained hired managers regarding importance of some employment laws. Now after provide training you want managers to feedback about their understanding of laws and those laws are Americans with Disabilities Act(ADA), Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO), Equal Pay Act, Fair Labor Standards Act(FLSA) and Occupational Safety and Health Act(OSHA). Now to get feedback about these laws, we will discuss some questions to hiring managers.

Here in this segment of report we will discuss employment law questions:

Effect of Employment Laws for attracting Potential Candidates to Company and Industry

Employment laws are necessary for every company and industry. These define rules and regulations for company employees and their rights in company. These laws are made with intension to provide benefits to employees. Every employee should have knowledge about employment laws and they should work accordingly. These above listed employment laws are important laws and put positive impression on potential candidates of company and industry. American with Disabilities Act (ADA) defines the requirements of employees for disabled workers. National Labor Relations Act details employment issues and union status. On other side, Fair Labor Standards act of 1938 specifies child labor restrictions and minimum wage requirements. Equal Employment Opportunity act is an employment practice and under this practice, employments are not allowed toengage in employment activities that are actually prohibited by laws. Discrimination of employees through employers on basis of race, age, gender, religion etc. is prohibited according to EEO act of law. On other side, occupational safety and health act is primary federal law and it governs occupational health and safety in private sector. Equal Pay Act amends Fair Labor Standards and purpose of this act is to abolish wage disparity on the behalf of gender. In this way, all these employment laws describes benefits and laws for company employees and employers. Therefore, after knowing about these employment laws, potential employees can be attracted towards company. (Study.com, 2016.)

These discussed laws are able to narrow down best candidates in the company. Due to these employment laws, employer can select candidate without discrimination of race and gender. It will become easy for selection department of company to select best candidate. The reason of this is, every employee has different skills and talent, so if no discrimination will occur in company while selection process then company will have multiple choices to select skilled and talented people. In presence of discrimination, such workers will lose opportunity in the company. Besides this, other law such as equal employment opportunity provides help to select employees those have unique skills. Therefore, it becomes easy for HR manager to select employees those having skills to take position in their company.(Franchise.org, 2016)

In process of interviews, laws help to ensure that proper procedures are implemented in interview for selecting candidates without any discrimination. These laws help to ask questions regarding expected job to separate most potential candidate for a particular job. If we talk about American Disabilities Act then it is used during to interview process to select a candidate who is skilled for company. The use of act is required here because there may be some workers who are disabled, but they have potential to handle work in a better way than other workers. These are some reasons that these employment laws are considered in process of interview.(Cebglobal.com.Four, 2016)

If a selection authority uses laws in job description and job posting then whole process of selection of candidates can be made perfect. This can be done by advertising and this is necessary so that citizens of country, especially those have ability to work for particular position, can get chance to face interview process with highest probability to get selected. Under employment act of Fair Labor Standards Act, it is allowed to company owners to properly post jobs for potential employees so that best employees can take participate in interview. Besides this, laws in job description ensure that requirements of jobs selection are met. With the help of these laws best and right employees can be selected for company. Due to these reasons, these laws must be used in job description and posting process. (Referenceforbusiness.com, 2016)

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