Do's and Don'ts of writing a character analysis essay

Do's and Don'ts of writing a character analysis essay

Whenever we read a novel or a story or watch any series, we watch different characters. Characters depict us the story by their feelings. The characters are mainly of two types -Protagonist and Antagonist. The protagonist is the main character of the story, and the story revolves around him or her. The other character is the antagonist, the one who throws a challenge or obstacle to the protagonist. The character expresses various types of feelings in a story.

While writing the essay on character analysis we should keep some points in mind:

?    Characters are the wheels on which the vehicle of the story moves so the characters are an integral part of a story. While watching or reading about a character, we should create an image of the character we are analysing. We should create a virtual world about the story and the character in our mind, which will give us the relevant and impressive words to write an essay.

?    Sometimes the character reveals their nature or thoughts by words. The character tells us directly his or her feelings by words, for example:

John was having tea on his balcony when Daisy came in her new white car. John's face was red with jealousy. Here our character to be analysed is John, and through his expression, one can portray that he is jealous. So it becomes easy for the analyser to understand the emotion of John.

There are certain cases where the emotions of character are hidden between the words. These emotions are expressed through actions or ironical statements, for example:

John was having tea on his balcony when Daisy came in her new white car. John broke the cup of tea and came back from his balcony to his room. The colour of his face was same as the colour of his new red curtains.

So here the emotions of John are hidden in his actions that he is jealous and angry. For an analyzer, it is crucial to read between the words and actions of the character.

?    While writing an essay, the dialogues and sentences should not be written as in the main story.  If the description of character required the dialogue or a certain quote to be mentioned, then make sure it is expressed by framing the words rather than exactly copying.

?    Apart from understanding the nature of charterer, we should also notice even the minute details about the character his clothes, hair, walking, eating style even his reaction to petty things in the story because these are the places where we get to know most about the character.

?    To make the essay interesting and formatted we should ensure that the essay is started by the proper introduction of the character. His basic nature and appearance. Next, the main body of the essay should describe the role of the character in the story, the challenges faced by him and his enemies in the story. The main aim of character and if there is any change in character should also be described in the main body part. Lastly, in conclusion, a title can be given to the character according to his nature or situation in the story.

The necessary points that should avoid while writing a character analysis essay are:

     After writing the essay, make sure it is formatted. The three sections in the essay: Introduction, main body part and the Conclusion are clearly divided.

     The essay should be free of the grammatical and tenses error. The spelling check should also be done twice before submitting the essay.

While writing the conclusion part, never introduce the new qualities about the character.If in the  essay you have shown the positive image of the character and supported every actions then the same trend should be continued while concluding the essay.

     If the analaysing character is the protagonist, it is pretty obvious that you need to describe the certain actions. We have to mention about the antagonist, but it should be ensured that all the actions of the protagonist are described in detail and that of of antagonist are described briefly so that the focus does not get shifted from the main character.


Writing an essay on character analysis is like giving life to a particular character so if given an option, choose the character who can explained easily. It has to be necessarily ensured that the character is described with proper adjectives. The flow of essay should be maintained so that the interest of the reader is maintained throughout the essay.

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