Don’t get selected in your dream university, don’t get disheartened

If you do not get selected in your first choice university, do not get discouraged. Refusal can be hard to handle, if you might waiting for your call letter from months. You might have gone through the long and boring procedure of college counseling and admission method. However, it is totally fine if you could not make to your first preference. Keep in mind, paths for success can be different. The successful people have failed multiple times prior to getting success. Always remember that refusal is not the end of the world. If one door closes, the other one opens. Don’t get discouraged whenever face failure, rather than treat it as a precious experience and do self-introspection. Plan a Strategy after facing refusal.

Most of the students don’t get to study in their aimed colleges because of tough competition. For international students, competition becomes harder as the competition just goes worldwide. Thus, you can think how severe is the competition in world well-known universities and how tough it is to get in them. As seats are very limited, therefore a number of students are refused. A few students could not handle refusal and are prone to depression. Therefore, it is recommended to take things simple and go with the flow.

Motivation Tips:

Whenever you try your best and you do not do well then it leads to distress. Life looks harsh and jagged. Whenever students fail to make to the prominent colleges, for which, they have been studying and planning for years, it leaves incredibly bad effect on their minds. If anything similar to this ever happens to you, take a break. Try to perceive the large picture. You have massive capabilities in you. Be thankful for what you encompass. Be liberal and see how lucky you are that you are capable to give this kind of examination when there are lots of under privileged people in world, who struggle for food.

The given points show that it is completely okay if you not succeed.

Refusal is a teacher

Failure is not the instant to get discouraged and close social life. However, it is the opposite of being depressed. After failure, one should introspect that ‘Where I went mistaken? Where was the fault?’ Ask your relatives and friends what according to them might be the cause of your failure. Such feedbacks will confirm to be very valuable for you. Think about such feedbacks seriously and plan your tactic. Failure is the chance to try again with greater strength. You should use refusal as an experience that will make you stronger to face odd circumstances.

There is no single lane to success:

Being successful has nothing to do by a specific path.  Paths might differ. The thing which matters is that you have zeal, knowledge and abilities in the field you are working. Potential employers are searching for candidates who are passionate concerning their work. They prefer abilities and knowledge instead of ranking. Most of the students encompass a misconception that being chosen in their first choice university is the only manner to success in professional life. On contrast, most of the students take an eccentric road to achieve success. Most of them don’t hesitate to switch their majors to follow their dreams.

Failure is one step closer to success:

Most of the successful people that you see around you have faced numerous failures. They have been through disapproval and bad days. They have endured all the way through difficult times. The most significant thing that they did was they never quit. The experiences that they accomplished throughout those failures have assisted them greatly to reach where they are nowadays. Always keep in mind, things that happen, happen for a reason. Therefore, don’t take refusals too personally. Rather, trust that you can get success apart of not studying in your dream university.

What do you need to do now?

After thinking about all the advice or opinion you received from your friends and relatives, the things you require focusing on are:

- Submit an application to other universities or colleges on your list.

- If you are open to practice your major in other subjects then you can apply in the similar college or university for the stream that has less fight.

- At times, colleges do agree to transfer students based on their scholastic performance in their first year of college. Thus, be hopeful if you make to your subsequent choice. You might still have the possibility to go to your dream college.

- After many rounds of counseling, a few seats remain vacant because of withdrawing of applications by several students. Wait for that time and apply if you get an available seat.

If you are not keen to compromise and you wish for nothing less, then you can wait for a year and attempt again. Just remember that you have to work hard as all your batch mates will be one year ahead of you by at that time.

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