Does reading out loud cause you to remember things better

Does reading out loud cause you to remember things better?

Life is full of questions. One day I saw my brother learning for the school test and he was reading out loud every answer like I used to do like this and I guess every one of you might be doing at your early ages. I wondered why we need to read out loud. I mean being an adult now we read quietly there is no teacher or parent to tell us to read out loud.

I wondered why educators and relatives always used to say to read out loud whenever you were studying. Or why the song you heard somewhere is stuck into your mind and playing continuously on a loop? Or why the strange names or words or voices just never leaves your brain, it may get lost somewhere for some time but when you think about it or try to remember it BANG! It is there.

Out of my curiosity, I went through the internet to find the answer to all my questions. And science never disappointed me.So here I am sharing the actual reason you used to get scolded at your early childhood to learn in a loud voice as everyone believes it will help in remembering answers better.

So, first of all, what happens when you read out loud?

When we read anything loud, you are more aware of what you are taking in. Your brain, eyes, voice & ears everything is involved. Thus the matter you are taking in get in your memory with the help of all your senses. And one grasps that thing better, and brain memorizes it well. While if you are just reading silently only brain and eyes are involved. You may have noticed while reading we can read out a whole paragraph, and suddenly we realise that we don't know what we have just read, and read that paragraph again. That is the thing. While reading silently, our mind thinks about other things too and doesn't focus on the matter. While reading out loud makes all your senses on one thing, the thing you are reading loud. Thus, you are more focused and learn the matter easily.

The spoken item makes more distinct space in your memory as compared to the item we read silently.

Reading aloud is not just limited to strengthen memory, it has many types of effects on our brain.

One who read aloud learn to speak too, as compared to the silent learner who can pronounce a particular word in whichever way he or she wants and no one will judge them. But when you read aloud your mind stays focused on what you're pronouncing is correct or not. You'll try to and want to say that in a right way. And with so many efforts that phrase just stays in your mind. You will remember it every time you'll encounter that word.

That's the benefit of saying words aloud while learning.

You must have seen the kindergarten kids are made to hear stories and poem by their teachers. They don't know how to read, but they remember whatever their teachers teach them. Because their brain grabbed the matter in which they are interested.

Often child is told bedtime stories and sometimes poems by their guardian, and that is a healthy habit. The child will, first of all, generate the habit of listening; he will become more attentive to whatever he'll be listening too means a more focused brain. Apart from that, it will help the child in learning the correct way to say things.

Not just kids we adults also will experience the same. I have heard scenarios where an Indian village boy learned speaking British English just by watching English movies. That's the power of listening.

A person who listens is also a great speaker too.

Reading out loud, all in all, is going to help you memorise stuff for a long term. Many types of researchers are also there if you are looking out for some prove.

Talking about the conclusion, I feel yes reading out loud really helps in remembering things better.  Start a habit of reading things aloud and sometimes silent reading. You'll see the difference. Mere reading is fine, like if you're reading a novel or fiction things, it is fine to read them silently, I mean you don't have to give exams for that, and it is just like simple reading.

But yes when it comes to tests exams or anything in which you need to learn things perfectly. Then all the students out there, you have to start studying by reading things aloud. While you'll be reading, you'll not even know that how much you're grooming your brain. You'll be learning to speak and listen better. Also, when you are pronouncing words correctly you'll be keen to learn more, and you will build your vocabulary too.

You'll feel more focused to what you're studying and will understand more precisely. Also by reading out aloud you'll get to know words, and you can further portray them as your own be it in written or orally.

When you start reading aloud, you will relate to words in a much deeper way; you'll understand them better because when you read them a certain kind of action and emotion get attached to the word, a particular way of speaking was build. And that makes you connect with whatever you are learning in a much better way than any other.

I'll suggest all the student or any learner to try learning things while reading them aloud. Hear what you're saying, if it is right or wrong. Hear not just pass the exams but to understand and learn. And while you're reading, work on your speaking and writing and experience the overall grooming of your study patterns and apparently your personality.

You'll be more confident and yes you'll finally learn things and don't cram.

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