Different Causes of Depression

Different Causes of Depression

Depression nowadays is something from which almost every individual is suffering. So what depression means? Depression is a disorder, which affect a person's mood. The person suffering from this disorder loses their interest in things and always feels sad or low. One may think that being sad or upset is just normal, but being depressed is much different from the normal state of being sad.

People usually don't understand that they are in state of depression and don't do anything for that. Being at this stage is not normal; it is a medical condition and requires a doctor. If not treated in time it may turn into a serious medical condition.

The question arrives how one can know if they are under depression or just a normal mood swing. As people of any age can face depression, there is not single symptom for depression instead multiple ways are depending on what one is going through.

If you are experience any of these, you are suffering from depression-

  • Anxiety
  • Being insomniac
  • Thinking for no reason
  • Staying away from people for more time
  • Loss of interest in the activities you used to love
  • Worrying too much
  • Tiredness
  • Trouble in focusing things
  • Poor performance in academics even after studying a lot
  • Suicidal thoughts
  • Drug addiction
  • Staying unhappy

These are the symptoms and you have to be aware of them.

Now the question arrives why you feel depressed, what are reasons behind this medical condition?


Depression nowadays is common. Reason are-

•    Staying on the internet - Yes, people nowadays are addicted to the internet. They remain online for almost the whole day. They are so dependent on the web that they are connected to everyone through online only not physically. This creates a sense of isolation among them. They don't have anyone in real with them to share joy or to hang out. Also getting used to the internet causes them less physical activities. Even shopping is done by staying at home, or paying bills or any other things. People don't move from their places and prefer to stay alone, thus, missing out the small fun.

•    Hormonal - Depression can also cause due to the changes happening in your body. You are not responsible for that obviously. So, if you are feeling that you are doing everything it takes to be happy but it is not just working, so you know the answer. The hormonal changes results in mood swings and your mood can switch in just seconds. Even small things will bother you again and again. You will get irritate very fast and can over-react on things without any reason.

•    Situations- Maybe your work is not going on right, maybe your partner is fighting with you too much, or your bond with you family is not on good terms or even you are not performing good in studies. All these situations or many more can ultimately result in depression. You will stay thinking about them all day, that how can you get rid of them. The over thinking causes you get tensed about the situation and you start wondering that all this is your mistake. All this weird thoughts and situations make you feel depressed.

•    Genetic- Maybe your state of depression is genetic. Sometimes you are not aware of why you are feeling depressed, but if you feel you have any of these symptoms and you are not able to figure out why this is happening to you, consult your doctor so that he or she can help you out in knowing what the problem is.

•    Lifestyle- The lifestyle we have now is also a major reason of depression. Competition is everywhere; people don't take care of themselves. They are always running for good job, money or fame.

No one is satisfied with the work they are doing, thus resulting in such diverse affect on mind and body.

There are many other causes for depression, which is not at all healthy.

One should be aware of them and start working towards it, to vanish it from life so that they can live happily.

You should try to stay happy and positive no matter what happens. Consult a psychiatrist if needed, but try to treat it instead keeping everything to you. Talk to parents, friends or anyone you feel like about the problems you are facing, that are making you feel bad about you. Expressing yourself can also help you in overcome the bad phase of your life. Just stay hopeful and positive. You can fight it.

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