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Somewhere at the Middle of my Graduation, I convinced myself that Chemistry is not my cup of tea. I hate this subject and this subject hates me too. Chemistry is my weak point, in fact very weak point. I gave my whole 1 year to it and see where I am standing... Gosh!!!...I am at the same place from where I commenced. No change! I was horribly frustrated. Parents were disappointed...Buddies were busy with their studies... (They were far better than me in their studies) And Girlfriend L WHO WANTS TO BE WITH A LOOSER?? In one of the coaching exams, my overall physics and math's ranks were around 500 and Chemistry??? Around 1600!!! Or you may say around 1700... :/  That was my plight. It took tutors and hours a week to squeak through an advanced chemistry class my friends had all breezed through on their way to much harder classes. People used to make fun of me because I was weak at the scoring subject. My Chemistry was below than average. I was not happy with the subject and I was doing my loss. Chemistry was a boring subject for me. It was more like a rote learning... It feels as if time was running as quick as it could and I was where I was :( Honestly don't know what was happening in my life.) It's not that I was not trying to but it was that I was not able to... I was working hard I was just trying to study it, to develop interest in it because no matter what, it was going to be with me for at least 3 more years....RESULT???? There was no noteworthy improvement at all. That was irritating...Hopeless!!

This morning, I went to see one of my INTELLIGENT FRIENDS (5th topper of my classroom). He asked me about my last semester result (As If he doesn't know...). I told him rest is fine except CHEMISTRY (My Brain Eater). He said "Chemistry is not precisely your weak point but definitely your least desired... see the reason behind everything, so the subject became kind of tolerable... there is nothing that you cannot do by yourself. In case you are unable to find one, take the help of an online tutor to help you remember things. Invest more time in chemistry, and don't see it as a load, give it another chance ;) don't make it monotonous while studying chemistry, don't study chemistry when in a bad mood or tired. Take extra care since most people score very easily in chemistry, means it's not that difficult to score but very easy to lose marks in because accuracy falls when no of attempted questions goes up" At that moment...I felt Not Bad Boy...You are Intelligent.. Thanks for the Motivational speech.

I came back Home, the inspirational speech of Kevin was still on my Head. I started searching for sites, books...whatever that could help me to come over the burden of this CHEMISTRY.  While searching I came through a site named TutorsGlobe... Interesting... Or should I say REASONABLE... After than what?? I hired a tutor.

There for 1 hour online tutiong/day, asked them to help me with my assignments... My tutoring session went very well. I was delighted with all of the tips and personalized information given to help my exact needs. The tutor was very encouraging and assisted me through the each and every process step by step.

857_i love chem.jpg  


My grades on tests have increased and also on my assignments and I used to have a C- 79% in the class and now i have an A 93%. Thanks TutorsGlobe and the Library System. (I forgot...Thanks to Kevin as well for the encouraging words ;)) This was a HUGE help. I have been struggling with Chemistry ALL year and finally understanding and getting a good grade is such a relief.

I also noticed that the world does not seem so big all of a sudden and I so small and insignificant. It was quite to the contrary - I appeared to have so many choices, it was just the question of taking them and seeing what happens. I accept as true that the bigger the window to the world gets, the more and further you wish to see. But how can you make excellent decisions if you are not even aware of the opportunities?

Advice:  Stop saying, "Oh, I could never do that" Because it is not true. You can If you try.

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