Customer Service Representative Job Description

Customer Service Representative Job Description

The Customer service representative is required in every company as they create a link between customer and the company. They provide all the products or services related information to their customers and also they take orders, listen to customer complaints to solve products and services related problems, that the consumers are facing in their daily life.

A company hires customer service representative with the goal to ensure that their products/services purchased by the customers are of excellent quality and also to maintain the service standards by providing maximum consumer satisfaction that helps in promoting companies brand image. ("Customer service representative job description. Ready to post and easy to customise", 2013)


1. They are engage in Managing huge amount of calls from their customers/clients.
2. Generating leads by selling the products or services of the company.
3. All the needs/ requirements of the customers have to be identified and assessed properly to achieve the maximum satisfaction.
4. The customer service representative have to build the trust worthy relationship by having interactive communication with the customers.
5. He has to give all the all the useful, suitable and correct data to the client by using the predefined tools/methods or system software.
6. He/ she has to be very pleasing and convincing while communicating with the customers
7. He/she should be able to meet the given sales target and receiving/calling quotas.
8. He/ she should be capable enough for Handling customer complaints and providing them proper solution or alternatives in the specific period of time and also, he has to follow up in order to ensure the proper resolution.
9. Recording safely all the customer interactions for future references, the accounts of customers and filing their documents.
10. Follow-up the process of communication &informing consumers about servicing dates of their products, new launches , offers, discounts on time. (, 2016)

Job specification of customer service representative

  •  He/ she shall carry the experience of at least 2-3 years in customer support.
  •  He/ she should know how to track the over-achieving quota by recording in the company's managing tool.
  •  He/ she should have well-built skills on handling the phone calls.
  •  Should know how to handle CRM tools and its practices.
  •   Should carry Excellent communication and presentation skills.
  •  Should posses time management skills and multitasking ability.
  •  He/ she should have the graduate degree or particular course.
  •  He/ she should have the above qualities because a customer service representative is handling both the customer and the company he acts like a middleman for both so he should have good qualification for better understanding their queries, handling the issues of their clients, and have proper knowledge of communication so that he can represent the company brand image to the actual customers accurately. (, 2016)

What level of knowledge of the industry should the customer service representative have, and why?

The customer service representative is needed in every kind of industry and every industry differs in their products and services but one thing is common in every industry that is handling phone call and calling the potent customers for sells promotion and also solving the customer issues or queries.
Assisting in Sales.

Selling the company's products and services may be part of a customer service representative's job, even though he may not be part of the sales division. Few executives might offer service or product information to help clients in taking final decision about the product which they should purchase. "Customer service representatives" might also assist in generating sales-leads. For illustration, after checking the inquiry of client, the executive might try to sell them few latest products-upgrades. For example, he/ she might recommend you to upgrade your services of cable. (, 2016)

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