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Some days are "diamonds, some days are stones." But what a ride!

From last 5 years I have been into this teaching profession. The idea of being center of attraction was really fascinating to me. Teaching is in my blood, growing up in a home of educators who instilled in me a love of learning, I knew from the age of five that I wanted to be an educator... I have been to one of the top schools, colleges and universities. I was 3rd topper of my class (Laurence was always 1 marks ahead...I tried...couldn't defeat her).  I was very fond of playing with numbers...I mean I was good in Math (many find it boring right????) After doing my engineering from a well known university and spending some years in corporate world working at various places. I found out this is not what I always wanted to be, or do. My father (who is also my best buddy) is an English professor, He had a conversation with me (He knew the dilemma of my life). I told him everything (that I am not 100% into my work, it's not happening; nothing makes me happy in case of my work). He advised to do things which makes you happy, rather than doing things which makes other's happy (family & friends). He knew I am good with numbers so he told me to pursue my career into education. I found the right suggestion, I didn't think for a second and said "YES" (this is what I was dying to hear.. Love...Love... TEACHING).  He even said that no star was too far out of reach, if I put my mind to accomplishing my goal I could make it.


Varying professions was the best decision I have ever made. My favorite parts of the job, as I said, are watching young people develop into fruition. The most awful part, which fortunately has only happened a few times, is when I lose a child. I entered the field because I have an obsession and gift for not only teaching student's content area knowledge (math), but for inspiring them, and guiding them into becoming fruitful citizens who have a love for learning. (With God grace, I was loved by all!!!)

I suppose that math is very important in our world, because without it there would be no money, no math teachers, and no business administrators to just name a little. In the coming future, I want to stay as a tutor, but if there will be no math, I will be nobody. I am enthusiastic towards the subject. I thought of spreading the knowledge all over through other means of education as well (Elearning, Home tuition etc) and joined an online tutoring company as an IIT JEE teacher, specialized in Math.  Mathematics learning and fascination is best enjoyed preparing for the coveted IIT JEE. It is a very demanding exam which requires a crystal clear understanding of concepts. Hence I communicate ideas in a manner which makes sense to the students and cover entire syllabus in the online classroom so that students don't have to waste their time in referring to several books for studying theory part. Let him come up with short and elegant solutions of problems. And the most important point is that motivate the students to work hard and strive to get success.

As the student reverts back to me of his result (Crack the IIT JEE Exam and even got A grade in Math)...I was on ninth cloud. Now I am a full time dedicated teacher. I teach in a university as well as online ( TutorsGlobe). I am not only happy ... but the happiest.  No matter where I am, as long as I am educating I know I am making a difference; I am still a change-maker.  The opportunity to sustain and shape the next generation is real and valuable, even in this day of uneven priorities and increasing pressures that have very little to do with caring and creating.

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