Collaboration of government and educational technology leads to build a better nation

People got rid off from almost every situation and every problem yet, but the main concern and the thing most can’t get rid off is poverty and led to scarcity basic requirements comprising food and Shelter. Nowadays education in people life plays a vital role in the society everybody wants to seek and get a good education but some fail some succeed and the major discussion is money.

Everybody wants to become a good person and wants to earn a good respect among the society but this can’t be possible without education, hence education is very important in day to day life but poor can’t afford good education and end up studies due to the economical crisis. 

“Children living in the poverty don’t have the similar access to education as the levels of Awareness, responsiveness access to technology and other resources are very limited”.

Education plays a vital role in building a person’s career and as well as a bright and respectable future and His individuality and personality. There are so many forms of educations have been set up today like projector system class, which deals with an education based on digital and one more trending technology under education is online learning which is done by online and they deal with assignment help, essay writing, mathematics and much more through online medium. Education for a person is good for him as well as good for the sake of nation in building up an economical status. It can assist in enhancing the global presence of a nation and help to build up the economy efficiently. As well as helps in building the strong condemn in the field of medical and governance. Thus it should become an efficient and compulsory procedure for an individual of a nation if an individual is not able to afford and not able to adapt the community then the government or a local communal body should indulge and make a helping hand.

The role of money in education:

Money is a very prominent part in all the economics. It helps to assist in enhancing the economy and as well as education. The education offers several options and is, therefore, is vital Constituent for the growth of a student as it assists in learning various skills that they can Implement practically in their lives so that they cope up with any situations and made their life better. Money helps in activities such as research, infrastructure, and development of technology Which are utilized in education? Basically, the educational institutions are of two kinds: profit-oriented private institutes and non-profit educational institutes. It is the responsibility of a government to interfere in this matter and make a way out for the poor as well they should implement the college, schools, institutes at a free cost line so that more and more people can  enjoy the scheme by doing this government will become more powerful in terms of literacy and much more.

The role of government and technology:

For, building a good nation and collapsing a nation only the reason stands behind is the government. It has the power to control whole nation no matter which field comes under nation everything is controlled by the government; by the swift increase in a technology government should think about the education for the needy and should implement new schemes for the poor who can’t afford education by the means of technology.

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