Cloud storage- a secure and flexible way to save information in commercial environment

Present era is of competition era. Whether it is big or small company everyone is in the race of being top most company. That is the reason the most important factor most companies are worried about today is “security of personal and confidential data”.

Cloud and hard disk are two options to keep data. But which of it is more secure is the most important question. Some companies are still having some confusion in keeping their data in cloud.

Cloud storage

Cloud computing is extra secure and flexible way in which to save information, particularly in a commercial or educational environment where accessing data is different between operating or not.

This concept involves large number of computers linked through real-time communication network such as the Internet. Cloud storage is fast and secure system.

Companies like Amazon, Eucalyptus and OpenNebula are three examples of early-adopters that jumped on cloud bandwagon to give service to individuals and commercial consumers.

The product presenting within Google’s cloud-based services is enormous and comprises the capability to store, access and administer the data within Google – corporate prices are based on per month gigabyte (GB) usage. Division of Google’s cloud service which deals with individual requirements is called “Drive.” In this product one can make word processing documents, presentations, spreadsheets and much more. This cloud product is free.

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But one of the most evident matters with using the cloud comprises trusting servers which providing the storage.

Customers like companies, students, universities etc. of any cloud-based service are storing, sharing and transporting their most vital documents to the service which they may or may not aware of. So the best advice is to make sure to verify reviews and expert opinions prior signing up for any kind of cloud storage service. Knowing who you are working with is a must when it comes to vital data and most is its security.

External hard drive storage security

External hard drives may appear like an old fashion to some, but for many, they signify methods to keep vital data and documents safe, secure and in close range at all times.

Hard drive storage are best for huge amounts of non-significant data which is not likely to be shared. For instance, if someone has big music or movie collection it does not makes sense to keep it on cloud it will be good to keep it in a hard drive. This is mainly as it will probably be used when travelling or when the Internet connection is not available.

So for those who are concerned in knowing where their data is present at all times, external hard drives are a great method to store the information secure.

Many businesses usually will use the external device for data storage as they have larger amounts of significant data that they do not want being shared over the Internet connection. Additionally, external hard drives need you to pay low-cost fee up front and they are easy to install on the existing computer.

Local storage gives fast retrieval, high capacity and the security to know where the data actually exists.
The drawback of external hard drive security is management. Controlling security for own hard drive can be intimidating to some with all data and with that issue, it reveals security risks like a fire or a flood which can destroy the data in seconds.

Storage method which will work best for you only depends on the information which you want to store and how you wish to access the data. For customers like consumers and businesses which store proprietary or private information, local or external hard drive storage can be the best way for storing the information but maybe not for around-the-world convenience.

But if ease and flexibility are top precedence and security is less of issue, cloud-based data storage permits access to the information over any Internet connection.  This choice is above all handy if you journey a lot.
If you should access data when you are not linked to internet, then be sure you at least have local copy of data. If it is in cloud, and you do not have connectivity, your data is inaccessible.

At the end of day, risks are there with either method of data storage, so make sure to cautiously measure the pros and cons of security with both methods.

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