Scores matter a lot but not a measure of your capability and assurance to success!!

The effort of any one shall be satisfied by a prize. Learning at school for a kid is his major step of work with the specific compensation: an assessment. The improvement in the teen manages with his academic responsibilities, the better the score.

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Leadership Personalities Laid Back, Hesitant or Avoider

Leadership is the quality that few own it. Everyone wants to be a leader, preach others and want other to follow him or her. Everybody wants to a boss of others, and this arises conflicts in the society. Leadership has great importance in every field

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Leadership Why Trust Matters

Trust is the basic building block of any organisation. Trust if lost is very hard to find back and businesses and other federal structures fall apart due lack of connection. Hence the managers and organisation leaders must inbuilt trust in their emp

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Should Schools Offer Cash Bonuses for Good Test Scores

In earlier century, there was system called barter system, where the people instead of giving money to purchase any good or services exchanged directly the good or services. The idea of the distributing cash for high test score brings in the nostalgi

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Things That Are Must Consider When Buying Dissertation Online

Things That Are Must Consider When Buying Dissertation Online, we share top things that are important to look in a professional writing organisation before appointing your undertaking to them. Need to know what those things are?

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The implications of labeling the students as gifted or talented

Sometimes a child shows some extra ordinary qualities but identifying them and labelling them as gifted or talented is not right. It is advisable to let them explore all fields, take time in realising their capabilities.

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Smart phones as tools of education

Smartphones have built-in features but what make them smarter are apps. Students studying a particular course together can form groups on Whatsapp and exchange examination dates, important instructions, deadlines for formalities, assignment questions

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Successful tips for essay writing for school children

An academic essay is nothing but forming a logical argument out some set of ideas. Essays are meant to be in step-by-step logical way so that it is easy for the reader to understand the logic of it.

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Practical Reasons That Have Made Online Education More Proactive

Online education has opened the doors of vast learning opportunities for the learners across the globe. It doesn't matter whether you are 6 or 60 if you have the zeal to learn, you just need to have a computer and a good internet connection.

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Is Missing Lecture Harming My Study

Student stop attending college lecture is not much harmful if they can go through self-study also. Important is that they must able to understand and grasp that knowledge.

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College Planning for home-schoolers

Homeschooling is a concept of doing schooling at home. In this kind of study a child from a family receives his academic education from somebody within the house.

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What Would You Miss if You Left Your School

Life is all about learning new things. When we grow up, we realized that our school life is the best time of our life. How good your college life may be, there is nothing that can match those best school days.

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Top Five Challenges Parents Face with Teenagers

Many parents have issues with their teenagers staying out till late, and some have issues with their type of friends. Other common problems are given in article.

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Different Causes of Depression

Depression nowadays is something from which almost every individual is suffering. So what depression means? Depression is a disorder, which affect a person's mood. The person suffering from this disorder loses their interest in things.

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How Teens Are Influenced By Celebrities

How Teens Are Influenced By Celebrities-Teenagers often engage with abstract thinking rather than having a rational mind as they are easily attracted to the things which are alluring, glittering and charming to them.

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