Be Ready to Capture Good Ideas

Capturing Good Ideas

Ideas come and go. Sometimes, we write them and sometimes we don't. And sometimes, we curse ourselves as we are unable to recall them. The good thing is that our mind comes up with ideas now and then. But the bad thing is that what we think of never remains the same. Our mind can enhance, and it becomes altogether something else!


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When working on projects or concepts, we want a rain of ideas to happen, but it doesn't. We brainstorm, wreck our brains, but nothing happens. Our minds remain blank. This is nothing to worry about and normal. We can't control our minds when it comes to ideas; this shows that in fact, our minds are in control of us! Surprisingly, an idea strikes us when we least expect it. Psychologists and psychiatrists very much agreed that ideas happen in very odd settings and leaves us jolted for example, in the shower or listening to music or just when we are preparing to go to sleep! Moreover, ideas happen anywhere, anytime. It doesn't choose the time or the day. It just happens, and we have to be ready for it. 

Idea and Thought - Are these the Same?

These two terms are confusing and assumed to be the same thing. An Idea and thought can be utilised in the same sentence such as thought pave the way for an idea or, I thought up an idea. An idea occurs in our mind as a plan or process whereas thought is a mental process that continues unceasingly. Thoughts combine to form an idea. An English professor define thought as a subset of the idea, and  usually, it is produced by thinking. And an idea is a psychological imprint. An idea is a concept. Thoughts and ideas go hand in hand. It has observed that ideas generated after talking to someone or seeing something. It comes as a flash. 

How to Deal with Ideas?

Without ideas, the world wouldn't be the way it presently is. Everybody hits upon great ideas at one time or the idea. To get great ideas, one must channel their thoughts in the specific direction. This means a lot of thinking. And no, thinking is not a waste of time. There are certain companies in the world which pay people to think!  There are lots of ways to deal with ideas. Some common ways are over:

-    A cup of coffee or tea

-    Chatting with friends

-    Research: library (good through good books) and the internet (try to avoid Wikipedia, it's best to use authentic websites)

-    Sit down with a pen and paper: let your mind drift

According to psychologists, humans can hold about five to nine thoughts in their immediate memory at any given time. Thus it's justifiable to say that we, humans think a great deal! Researchers agreed that the mind never stops working and sometimes, it does go on overdrive. Moreover, in the subconscious level of our mind, ideas and memories are always at the collision. Thus, we should be ready to capture this combination!

Capturing Ideas

A person can seize ideas in many ways. From a simple pen and paper to the recorder, one can use anything. Here are other ways of doing it:

-    Keep a diary or a journal: a simple notebook can also come in handy. A person can write in it the way he or she wants, or code it in diagrams or drawings.

-    Cards: this is available at stationery shops, or you can make it yourself by making cut-outs from recycled paper. These are small and can be used to write notes.

-    Groups/Clubs: ideas strike when we least expect it and sometimes it happens when we are in a middle of a group or a meeting.

-    Recorder: one can use the voice recorder on their smart-phones or get a mini-recorder or Dictaphone. It comes in handy if one is jogging or driving and an idea suddenly strikes!

-    Computer: one can design their ideas in various ways on the computer using different programmes or software such as MS Word or MS Excel etc.

-    Pens/Pencils: always carry a pen and a pencil preferably of several colours. Normally, a pencil is good for using as it is erasable.

-    IM/SMS/Messaging/Email: one can quickly type the idea in the smart-phone and save it as a draft. And it can be accessed later on.

-    Napkins/tissue paper: this proves to be very useful in restaurants and cafes. If one doesn't have a paper, they can make use of paper napkins and tissue papers.

-    Sticky Notes: this is available in various colours in stationery shops. The good thing is that it can be stuck anywhere such as on personal computers or laptops, refrigerators and microwaves oven to give one reminder or simply to have a relook.

In the present world, with the advancement in technologies and gadgets, it's very easy to capture and store ideas. From tablets to smart-phones to laptops, one can always be on the go and capture any idea. It's best to try as many techniques as one can to capture ideas. It also helps in the organisation, storing and sorting of ideas. Plus one can go over them at their convenience. It is very effective too.

Overall, a person should always be ready for ideas to happen. And ideas cannot be categorised as good or bad. All ideas are good and workable. And one should be open to opinions as this helps in the thinking process of generating more ideas. Plus, it's up to the individuals to accept it, and they all have different views. So if 'A' agrees with your idea, 'B' may reject it and so on. Most of all, all ideas are brilliant. And it's a flash of inspiration. Great things have been invented and evolved after this sudden flashes or mental strikes. And it's not that only geniuses have ideas, everyone has ideas. 

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