Brain-sharpening methods for students to improve memory

Being a student, if you are thinking memory lapse as normal then you might be making a huge mistake. You must do something to counter such lapses as they can turn out to be much bigger with time. Your cognitive abilities definitely want a boost.

Remember, one of the appealing things regarding human mind is that no one encompasses the perfect approach on how to acquire the best out of it. However, you can elevate it to certain higher level by employing certain techniques which help you to improve your memory.

1) Nervousness before exams:

It is the most terrifying instant of your life. Unclear memory, feeling blank and a chill down the spine. You can take away this nervousness by following these easy steps:

Walk before an exam

It is a confirmed fact that workout can enhance memory and brain power. A 20-minute workout before exam hours can raise your performance. You do not have to engage in heavy exercise. You can get a quick walk of 20 minutes before entering the exam hall.

Read aloud:

No, it is not a crazy idea. You will be astonished to notice the outcome if you follow this little trick. However, don’t try it in a crowded library or exam hall.

Teach what you have learned already:

The best manner to analysis your learned concepts is teaching someone else what you have understood in your class. It walks you throughout your mistakes and strengths. Whenever you are confident concerning the learned ideas, you will not feel nervous about appearing in the examinations.

2) Getting distracted from the study:

Study distractions are extremely common; however, you can get rid of those from your life.

Use apps to block study distractions:

There are some apps which help you to shun distractions via blocking websites such as Twitter, Facebook and many more for a certain period of time.

Take regular study breaks:

You surprise how it is associated with your memory. Whenever your brain is working for long, it ultimately begins suffering from concentration problem. As a result, you get simply distracted from your study. Take a short break of around 15 to 20 minutes after 1 hour and 30 minutes of studying.


It is not a secret that meditation assists you stay concentrated when studying; it as well helps in reducing your pre-exam stress as it increases your mental and physical health.

3) Trouble remembering words:

At times you feel that the term is right front of you, however, you can’t remember it. Whenever you are writing something you necessitate using the most suitable words. However, the sad part is you are having trouble remembering, thus try these simple methods.

Find out new ways to learn:

Make use of technology to lift up the quality of your vocabulary. You can watch educational programs or download helpful dictionary apps for beginners.

Make flashcards:

Prepare efficient flashcards to build your memory. Examine your knowledge by writing your learned concepts, definitions, and formulas on each flashcard and check if those are right.

Draw diagram:

Drawing diagrams assist you in visualizing information which is hard to illustrate in words. This way, you make a visual memory in your mind that can be simply recalled for the period of exam hours.

4) Having limited memory power:

Our human brain builds up millions of neural pathways which assist you to memorize or remember information fast and carry out well-known tasks within minimum time-limit.

Play brain games:

Puzzles like Sudoku and Crosswords always add a lot in enhancing your memory strength. Studies have showcased that puzzles have helped people remember proper words.

Read different types of book:

Activities such as jogging, exercise, and reading enhance memory functions by giving you a good work out. A report has revealed that often brain exercise lowers mental decline via 32 percent.

Listen to right music

Right sort of music leads you to become more prolific by uplifting your mood.

• Classical music makes a peaceful and harmonious environment which makes you relax.

• Mozart enhances mental performance.

5) Difficulty understanding complex matter:

Consider that puzzled look, whenever the teachers introduce a new concept in class? It might seem difficult at first, however, the hurdles can be overcome if you follow such solutions.

Search on Google:

Make use of world’s largest search engines while searching for something. Write down the exact words while searching. There are many online Textbook Solution services are also available on the internet which assists in finding out the answers to many complex textbook questions.

Considering all the above techniques in academic life might seem tough, however, if you follow such mental exercises, you will be capable of making pathways to increase your cognitive capabilities.

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