Baby Care-Nursing Your New Born

Baby Care: Nursing Your New Born

This article addresses all those nursing mothers who have carried their babies for nine long months in their womb and have gone through the tremendous pain of labor. But, once you have your tiny tot with you, the major challenge starts - baby care. Parenting your new born baby with proper care is absolutely important. These early years of your baby care, support and love are extremely vital. And, this stage is perhaps the most difficult challenge in a parent's life.  Many parents simply freak out during this very stage and get totally confused. However, it is during this phase of life when the parents must keep their calm, think logically, try to understand their child's needs and desires, act accordingly and enjoy their parenthood to the fullest. Babies are the most precious gifts of God. And it is the prime duty of the parents to preserve this gift forever with love, tenderness and care.

The parents need to be aware and must have a sufficient knowledge about the nursing techniques of their new born babies. This article will share some important parenting tips for the new born baby care which will help the parents to get rid of their confusion and complete the most difficult challenge of their life successfully.

Feeding Your Baby

This is one of the important aspects of neo natal baby care. Feeding during this phase involves breast feeding. So, mothers need to take a balanced diet. Caffeinated and alcoholic drinks shall be strictly avoided since they get accumulated in the breast milk and enter the baby's body. Also, holding the baby properly with a hand on the back of the baby's head is extremely important. You need to feed your baby in a regular interval of approximately 4 hours during the initial days since your baby might not be in a position to express his/ her hunger properly.

Avoiding Fluctuation of Your Baby's Body Temperature

It is advisable for the parents to avoid fluctuation of the baby's body temperature. This is an important tip of new born baby care that every parent must follow strictly. Remember, your baby should not be kept too warm. Overheating gives rise to several disruptions from neurological complications to even brain damage. Also, the baby needs to be protected from cold. The parents need to be cautious regarding the baby's body temperature since the baby has not yet developed the power of adaptability and immunity to fight away the adversities. And sudden switching from hot to cold can lead to major brain disruptions.

Bathing Your Baby

The first bath to be given to your little tot is extremely crucial step of your baby care. During that phase, the umbilical cord still exists. And it is important to keep the area dry. So, it is recommended that the baby is given a sponge bath carefully by cleaning certain areas with a soft piece of cloth and baby bath wash. The baby shall be held very carefully while bathing since the newly born little pie has the soft spot on the head. Also, if the umbilical cord gets wet during bathing, it must be dried off immediately with a gentle touch to prevent any unwanted infection.

Protecting against Sun Burns, Baby Acne and Skin Dryness

Your new born baby has a very delicate skin and it needs tender touch. Also, it acts as the protective covering to the extremities of outside climate. It has just come out of its mother's womb and adapting to the outside atmosphere needs time. The baby skin shall be protected against the direct exposure to sun rays. The exposure may give rise to unwanted skin rashes, sunburns and even back acne. Proper baby care in this sphere includes moisturizing the baby's skin with baby lotions and preventing it from becoming dry. This imparts smoothness and softness to the skin to a huge extent.

Changing Your Baby's Diapers

Well, during the initial stages of your baby's life cycle, they may not express that the diaper is wet or dirty. It is thus included in the baby care tips for the parents to check your baby's diaper frequently. Also, change the diapers at a regular interval to prevent the occurrence of skin rashes due to diapers. While changing the diapers, you must keep an eye on the color of the faeces of your baby. The color may vary from green to yellow. However, if the color turns red, contact your doctor immediately.

Clothing of Your Baby

Remember your baby's skin is absolutely delicate and has not yet grown immunity against any pathogens. So, you are advised to wash your baby's clothes in warm water with a few drops of antiseptic liquid in it. This will prevent the intrusion of unnecessary harmful germs to attack your kid's body. Also, make sure that any cloth used to clean your baby's mouth or face or any part of the body is thoroughly washed with the warm antiseptic water. Making your baby wear clean dress is a mandatory tip of nursing and baby care and must be followed very strictly.

Holding and Cuddling Your Baby

This is yet another major step of neo natal baby care. Just after the baby gets out of the cozy and warm womb of the mother, he/ she feels uncomfortable in the external atmosphere. Thus, holding the baby and wrapping him/ her with your hands close to your heart make him/ her feel comfortable. A wonderful feeling of security is developed inside the baby. And there develops a bonding of love and care between the parents and the baby. This is a wonderful feeling which makes the parents forget their nursing troubles and sleepless nights to a huge extent.

Baby Care during Sleeping

When the baby sleeps, it is important to check that he / she maintains a right posture. There are several soft spots in his/ her body which develop during this stage. So, parents must put comfortable pillows on the sides and under the head so as to prevent any deformity and enhance the baby growth properly. Also, during the initial stages, the baby sleeps for most of the time. The parents need to wake the baby up, feed him/ her in regular intervals. Also, the nursing mothers are advised to switch their sleeping schedule according to that of their baby.

After a few days of birth, the babies start communicating. They use several signs and symbols. Initially, they cry whenever there arise any discomforts. But, the pattern of crying also varies. Thus, parents need to understand their signs of communication and act accordingly. This new born phase of baby care is one of the most important phases in a child's life. Parents must be aware and must have a proper knowledge on baby care tips and techniques thoroughly.

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