Another best use of facial expression is to operate portable device

Coming era will be full of technology so that we can perform our basic day to day routine easily as it will increase our speed of doing our work.

In the period of computers and smart-phones Japan is on top of bringing a revolution reiteratively in the current wave of time. Imagination of wearing the electronic brain on tiny sensitive part of body will lead to a breathtaking technology, already in process of presentation by great Japan.

An electronic brain hanged on the ear was the next job in minds of Japanese researching experts animadverting to abrade other wearable gadgets, and finally prototypes are contrived. It is not only about the electronic brain which can read and react to the facial expressions through your ears by using infrared spectrum through infrared sensors in actual fact Infrared-Sensing is simple a basic technology in this wearable gadget.

1154_Ear computer.jpg

It is presently identified as "Wearable E-Brain" which weighs about 16-17 grams which can be put on ears; although under development process it has accomplished to integrate GPS, Compass, speaker, Barometer, Gyro meter, battery, microphone, Bluetooth and infrared in single microchip with voluminous data storage and potential to get connected to I-Pods, Smart Phones or any handy gadget.

Its design and outline is based on Japan's Ikebana Disciplined Art alleged as imaginative expression throughout floral arrangements in which nature and humanity are combined rewarding a smooth comfort on the ears. The forecasted and tested abilities of this Wearable E-Brain are grotesque, actually incredible. This device is gifted to load software’s and with the extra-intelligence to get linked to transportable devices it has invited the revolution in gadget technology.

The unbelievable abilities comprise steering of software programmes in portable devices via facial expressions. We could describe the different expressions for activating navigation in software which would be benefited free on all platforms. That means a single blink of eye for two seconds would load GPS or Music Player in linked portable device.

1538_Ear computer_3.jpg

In addition that if you are looking at London Bridge from heighted distance it would compute our view via available altitude, angle direction and location through its integrated sensors, and ultimately GPS voice assistance would say "It is the London Bridge Sir" and furthermore if you desire to obtain additional information about the London bridge, your defined expression like blink of eye, lifting eyebrows, clinching the teeth's would activate to search for additional information via internet connectivity served by portable device.

Furthermore the feature of linking Smartphone to this device would facilitate Wearable E-Brain to inform you about other people glaring at same view.

The Eyesight for blind people and The Third hand for Normal People from Bike-Riders to Astronauts are current epithets for this Wearable E-Brain, that is evaluated to strike markets by Mid-2015 as there are thinking of adding add health monitoring abilities and accident monitoring ability (using Accelerometer) that would activate to make the automated call to Ambulance using its GPS and network service provider of portable device.

Device uses infrared sensors which monitor minute movements inside ear, which vary depending on how eyes and mouth move. As the user doesn’t have to shift either hand, its developers say it can provide as the third hand for everyone from carer to rock-climbers, motorbike riders to astronauts, also people with disabilities. If someone climbs a mountain, gaze at sky at night and observe a bright star, it will tell what it is.

As it knows what height someone is at, which direction he/she looking at and at what angle, it will give all the information.  Like the bright star you are seeing now is Sirius. Using a Smartphone to connect to Internet would mean you can automatically put in touch with people in faraway places who are doing the same thing as you. This will connect you with person who is looking at the same star at a distant place at the identical time,” allowing the people to exchange impressions.

Second version of device might be pushed into use to aid family members keep the eye on elderly family in greying Japan. Earpiece, which could also function as hearing aid, could monitor the wearer’s health, including their pulse and body temperature, while logging how frequently they eat and sneeze, presenting early warning of onset of illness. Onboard accelerometer could tell when user falls and give instruction to the Smartphone to surpass information to family, or call the ambulance based on GPS data.

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