Amazing tips to crack GRE exam in first attempt

1) Answer every question: GRE is not time to skip questions you are unconfident about. No one cares if you really do not understand something and have to arbitrarily guess. You are not fined for guessing on GRE (unlike SAT), so it is in your best interest to reply every question presented to you, even ones you do not like.

2) Make sure of your replies particularly when taking Computer-Adaptive GRE: You cannot go back to reply something as the screen will be gone. On Paper-Based Test, you can omit a question and return to it later on if you require to, but on computerized version, you will simply get zero if you leave something blank. So make right option the first time around!

3) Make use of process of elimination: If you can exclude even one incorrect answer, you will be in much better spot for guessing if it comes to that. In its place looking for "right" answer as such, look for "least wrong" answer. Most of the time, you will be able to narrow down your options to two, that apparently provides you much better odds of getting question correct.

4) Spend more time on harder questions: Probabilities are good that you will be taking computerized version of GRE, consequently scoring is scaled: harder questions equivalent more points. Even if you miss pretty a few simple questions and get smaller percentage of harder ones right, your score will be much better than if you replied all of easy ones accurately and only reply few difficult ones right. So prepare your time accordingly. This is one of those GRE test tips to learn by heart.


5) Make use of scratch paper: You won’t be permitted to bring paper to testing centre with you, but you will be given with scratch paper. Make use of it to aid solve math problems, summarize your essay for writing portion or write formulas or vocabulary words you have remembered before the test.

6) Increase your speed: You may be visionary in real life, but taking GRE is not correct time to wander mentally off into space. You will only have about one minute per question for verbal section and approximately two minutes per question in math section. Two minutes may appear like long time to reply a math question, and it would be for easy questions, but once you are doing some severe calculations, you will realize that time is carving away. Therefore don not misuse it.

7) Mentally administer your stress: Once you are sitting at desk or in front of computer screen, your capability to actually do too much to handle your stress about GRE and its implications for your future declines. So, your best bet is to administer your stress mentally by repeating positive phrase or envisioning end consequence of all your hard work.

8) Do not second-guess yourself excessively frequently: Statistics propose that your first answer option is generally right as long as you have arranged well for the exam and have solid knowledge base. Don’t go back through test and change your answers on paper exam unless you have discovered information which leads you to a new conclusion or you realize that you did not provide yourself sufficient time to considerately consider question on first try.

9) In reading comprehension section, read replies first: Instead of falling ahead into text, read what you require to be looking out for. You will save time and score more points by reading answer choices before you read text.

10) Outline: It may appear like old hat, but you cannot disregard GRE writing section. Before you start writing, be sure you take five minutes to summarize what you are going to say first. Your organization and consideration process will be much higher if you perform.

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