Alleviating your mood by recognizing and addressing the root cause of lack of motivation

Our journey seems so unpredictable, one goes through many phases in one’s life, and we often feel depressed, un-liveable and suffering from low-self esteem. Very often we require a kind of push-up in our life to add sparkle into our lives.

Good motivation adds years to life.”

Motivation can be a guiding angel which helps you to stay and progress ahead on the path in spite of all the difficulties and challenges that comes in our way.

In the absence of motivation, human kind might have not reached this age where it is today. No inventions and discoveries would be there.

Motivation can be classified into: intrinsic and extrinsic.

Intrinsic motivation includes those factors that are driving us to perform any task such as to achieve fun, to achieve self-satisfaction etc.

Extrinsic motivation involves external factors like some sort of award or reward, money, in organization pay, perks and salary can be the extrinsic motivation.

Self-motivation is another form of motivation that seems really significant to exist in this challenging world. It is key life skill that makes you fight against every hurdle that is coming in your life. It is said that “Things do not change; we change it”.

Every successful person has a motivational mantra to cross the low-motivational part.

“Success consists of going from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm.”

Different people are motivated by different things at different times in life.

Consequences of Low-Motivation:

Low grades, damaged friendships or demotion at work are all realistic result of low motivation. Losing interest quickly, feeling lonely, dull and gloomy, having no objectives or goals, or ambitions.

Reasons of Low- Motivations:


a) Depression: Most common symptoms of the depression include anhedonia (not able to experience pleasure from the activities that usually are found enjoyable). It is a disease that can wreak havoc on the academic and professional success.

Treatment: Change your lifestyle; include some rejuvenating things like exercising, meditation. Have more social support. Take the cause of your depression as a challenge and fight it.

b) Fear of failure: Living with fear of failure is like living on verge of death. It resists us from moving upwards and used to ruin our work to the fullest. It also harnesses our capabilities.

1061_Fear of failure.png

Treatment: First analyze your failure and try to analyze its possible outcomes. Have a positive attitude.

c) Low self-esteem: People with low self-esteem generally believe that they cannot succeed and often self-sabotage. It is illness that is the root cause of your low motivation.

Treatment: Believing in yourself is the mantra to beat it fully, break the series of thoughts that make you go into low self esteem feeling. Whenever it attacks you go through the inspirational books, magazines, and watch motivational movies.

d) Lack of interest:  Keeping your interest alive into your work is really important. Otherwise it may depression and you will feel boredom which will affect your work and hence success.

Treatment: Always try to do new things into your work, invent new ways to perform the same task, be not always workaholic, go out with your friends and do things that make you feel joy.

e) Procrastination habit: Procrastination happens for the variety of reasons, involving symptoms like feeling overwhelmed, being depressed, and feeling anxious or fearing failure among others. When procrastination becomes one’s habit, it can appear as if person is not motivated in its succeeding.

f) Stress or overwhelm: It seems as the habit of some persons. It occurs due to negative attitude towards any event that happens in your life.

Treatment: Having positive attitude is the only way to fight against stress.

Exercise, taking a break from the task at hand as well as maintaining healthy eating and sleeping patterns all will help in improving your mood, anxiety and stress. By alleviating some of these roadblocks, being motivated can become easier.

For long term improvement of motivation issues, try to recognize the root causes. Addressing this underlying issue is the best and most successful way of increasing motivation. If you are unsure of your root cause, consider seeking the aid of a counsellor who can help recognize it for you and offer you with suitable tools in order to address the root issues.

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