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SAT is one of the tests to take admittance into the universities of the U.S. The other one is ACT. All the SAT Subject Tests generally are of one-hour, and they consists of multiple choice questions tests. Within any given sitting of the SAT Subject Tests, you may take one, two or three tests. You select the tests that you desire to take and also choose how many you would like to take in one sitting (you can take up to three).

All these information you need to provide while you register for yourself. Moreover, you are free to alter the tests and the number of tests you wish to take on the desired test day (except for the Language with Listening tests).

In all, there are around twenty SAT Subject Tests which are divided majorly into five categories: English, mathematics, history, science and the languages.

The complete list of all the Subject Tests are as follows:

a) English: Literature

b) History: U.S. History, World History

c) Mathematics: Mathematics Level 1, Mathematics Level 2

d) Science: Biology E/M, Chemistry, Physics

e) Languages: Chinese with Listening, French, French with Listening, German, German with Listening, Modern Hebrew, Italian, Japanese with Listening, Korean with Listening, Latin, Spanish, Spanish with Listening.

SAT usually tests the skills that you are learning in the school: reading, writing and maths. You are required to have command over these subjects in order to get success in college.

a) The reading section involves reading passages and sentence completions.

In reading section, you will have 45 minutes: one will be of 20minutes (passage reading) and other two of 25 minutes (sentence completions)

b) Writing section involves a short essay and multiple-choice questions on recognizing the errors and improving grammar and usage.

Time: one 10 minute section and two 25 minutes section.

c) The math section involves the questions on algebra, arithmetic operations, geometry, statistics and probability.

Time: one 10 minute section and two 25 minutes section.

Testing Dates:

Test dates for 2013-14 academic years are listed as follows:

a) 5 October 2013 (registration deadline 6 September 2013)

b) 2 November 2013 (deadline 3 October 2013)

c) 7 December 2013 (deadline 8 November 2013)

d) 25 January 2014 (deadline 27 December 2013)

e) 3 May 2014 (deadline 4 April 2014)

f) 7 June 2014 (deadline 1 May 2014)

Tentative dates of the academic years 2014-15 are as follows:

a) October 11, 12

b) November 8, 9

c) December 6, 7

d) January 24, 25

e) March 14, 15

f) May 2, 3

g) June 6, 7

There exist three sections within the SAT as described above, and each one ranges from the 200-800 points. Overall SAT score ranges from the 600 to 2400, with 2400 as the highest possible score.
All are multiple choice questions, with exception of maths grid-in or write-in questions. One mark is allotted for one correct answer, and ¼ of a point is deducted for each incorrect answer. No deductions are there for leaving the answer blank. It is advisable to leave the question blank if they are not confirmed and confident for their answer.

The total score for the test taker will be calculated by the composite of marks of correct and incorrect answers. Students are also provided with the percentile that refers to the percentage number which locates the student’s raw score as relation to the other students who appear for the SAT on that particular test day. Consider an example; a student at the 85th percentile has done better in comparison to the 85% of all other students who appears for the same test on same day across the whole world.

After you appear for your SAT, your scores will be accessible to you online within the 17-20 days on the basis of the test date. The College Board takes at least a week in addition, for the university to do processing of your scores.

Whenever you register for the SAT examination on the College Board website you have an option to forward your scores through post or online to four universities of your option for free. Except those four, you will require to pay a $10.50 fee in order to send the additional score reports. In case, you do not list any of the universities at time of the registration you will required to pay a fee in order to send the scores at a later date through the additional score report system.

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